What a difference confidence makes...

Last night, our band played

a gig at one of the local venues

here in town.


It started off like it normally

does, but in the second set,

we had another local singer

join us on stage to belt out

a few tunes.


Now please understand that

our usual singer is fantastic,

but the other one is simply

older and more experienced.


...and therefore more confident

on the mic.


I mean, some of the stuff he says

and gets away with to get the crowd

pumped up is incredible.


He just gets into the zone

and really goes for it.


I’m sure you know what I mean

if you’ve ever seen a band with a

great frontman.


The entire band’s performance just

lifts to a whole new level.


Which at the time, reminded me

of the confidence level of the

CEO of EMP, Tim Erway.


Let me put it this way…


Every time I’ve watched a

webinar or listened to a call

etc, there is always a level ‘

of assurance and ability

exuding out of Tim.


Mainly because he’s one of

the most skilled and successful

online marketers alive today.


And in my opinion, very capable

of fulfilling his passion of helping

people from all walks of life, make

an income online, whether it be

a little extra every month, or indeed

a fortune.


Gee, that sounds good hey?


Anyway, the choice today is yours.


You can either ignore my

personal invitation to hear

Tim out on the next page,


or go on living your life like

you do right now.


Either way is completely

fine with me.. Lol.   


But if I were you, I’d give

Tim at least ten minutes

of your time.




You never know, maybe

Tim has got some ideas

and perspectives that may

just open up new worlds

for you and your family.


Who really knows, Right?


Ok, cool..


Cheers for reading this far

and ciao for now.  
You can meet Tim here...


Lewis White
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