The Story of King Midas the Red, a Network Marketing Legend

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 The Story of King Midas, and Network Marketing Today!

  King Midas and the Red Touch...

  King Midas lay down to sleep one night, and drifted off into a crazy dream, he tossed and turned and snored so loudly, even the dogs could barely stand to be near him.

  In his dream, King Midas was promised one wish from the Abundant Universe, something he most desired.  Kings loved their treasures (start up bonus and over ride commissions) and stored them away in great palaces (the banks.) 

  He started his own company, and continually devised ways of exchanging or selling various things, or contriving some new compensation plan that took more money from the part timers, the 98% er's they called them.

 With his one sided policies and procedures, no 98% er stood a chance in court, his MLM attorney's had seen to that!  He became so industrious and greedy, he began to think that the assets he had accumulated, stolen from the blood, sweat, tears, and effort of the 98%er's were the most beautiful and precious things in existence!  The treasure became an addiction to him, and people meant nothing anymore.

  So when he was granted one wish, anything that he might ask for, his first thought was of his bank account, and he asked that who ever he talked to would believe his lies, and happily join his opportunity!

  He hardly could believe his good fortune, the first thing he did was to go to the mall and hand out his company magizines!  Sure enough, everyone he gave a magazine too pulled out their wallet and credit card, took there cell phone out and called his operators to sign up! 

  Next he put on a button that said "Make Money with King Midas! Ask Me How!" He went to the grocery store and people lined up like at the check out counter, but instead of buying groceries, they pulled out credit cards and joined his opportunity! He spread the word far and wide across the world, using internet marketing, and soon the whole world was signed up in his company, and he made all the bonus and commissions because no one else could duplicate what he could do, and after signing 2. 75 people without making any money, they got discouraged and quit.

  So as fast as his company rocketed to the top, it crashed and burned like a comet, and King Midas had no one left in the world he could call his friend.  They avoided him like the plague, even his family, Mom and Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Brothers and Sisters, and of course Uncle Joe. He was all alone in the world, and he woke up in a bad sweat, shaking and fearful. Thank God it was only a dream, rather a nightmare! 

  He vowed he would never use another person for his own personal agenda, and he would instead devote all his time to educating the good people in the world of the dangers and pitfalls of today's industry.

  He was a new man, and built a solid book of business based on truth and honesty, a fair company with integrity, and experienced management, a compansation plan that paid the part timer handsomely.

  The timing was perfect, the product and services were exceptional, and the company even had a proven duplicatable system, that anyone who was coachable and plugged into the system would achieve the same results.  Things really rocked and the whole world was joyful and happy, prosperity flowed like water!

 To your True Success and Prosperity!

Paul Murphy


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Great Impact!

I love the touch fluidity with which this article was craftedly written.. It bears a lot of lessons for us to learn. One must be honest in his dealings and avoid self centeredness.

Like Robert Kioysaki said dont work for the money you will get but for the experience you will gain


Thanks Paul

Forever Friends

Louis Redemption

Louis Redemption — Fri, 03/27/2009 - 7:09am

wonderful message!

Great fable! Love the message! Its fun and easy to read.

There is definately value in the content! We are all connected as one. Love your neighbor and you love yourself. Support yourself by supporting others. Succeed by providing more value than you take!

Thank you!

Joshua Horton

Josh Horton — Tue, 03/31/2009 - 12:13pm

I agree with Josh and Louis this is Beautiful Story

If I have to read something to learn something I always love when it is in Story form.  Thannk you for this Valuable Nugget.  Now off to the Gold mines.  Your friend for life

Juanita Waterman

Juanita Waterman — Tue, 03/31/2009 - 12:42pm

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