The #1 Secret To A 7 Figure Income That No Top Earners Wants To Tell You!

You may have wondered: "How did they do it? How come they make so much money online? I can barely make a cent online, what's the biggest secret?"

This is simpler than you might think.


I want to share with you today the number 1 secret that no top earner wants you to know, so here’s the vision:
  • Make a product, something of real value.
  • Put a decent price tag… but wait, let’s make it an affiliate one.
  • Here comes the affiliate marketers.. Hungry for money!
  • All the affiliates then write reviews on the product, gives courses on how to make money as an affiliate with the same product, and how cool it is to install it on blogs as widgets, and have your traffic take a look at it.
  • For the few dollars you make, they make thousands of dollars from FREE LEADS Off these affiliates, while you spend hundreds and thousands on PPC for laser targeted leads.
  • The top earners will also promote other new decent leaders to set an example. The mass only see fire. The loop is made as the followers do what leaders do.
  • Then they make communities and/or systems.
  • They ask their followers to come in…. and they do.
  • In the community, you are asked to share content of value. This makes sense. Who wants to read crappy scam? Hmmm no thanks. You, I, everyone is looking for the same thing: Value.
  • This very same value gives more power to the founder has he doesn’t have to work that hard anymore to increase powerful value and content into his own community.
  • On top of that, they may even charge you a fee to become an elite/vip member to get access to more content from “instructors’”/top followers leaders.
  • If you do a good job at it, and stay long enough, you might get recognition and some traffic to your business, maybe even personal help from the founder.
In short, you need a damn good product with affiliate capability, a good following that will agree to join your community to post value content for you, and you’re on your way to a 7-8 figure income. If you don’t build your business in the same mindset 1. You’ll never make a 6+ figure income, and 2. you’ll always have to work your butt off than you really should. I'm not saying that this is awefully bad. Actually, if you do increase the leader's value, that means that you're actually of value to them, and they will be more willing to work with you directly, thus giving you an edge in your business.


Do you have the luxury of time to build your business the long and hard way?


I know someone who've understood that. Her name's Katie Freiling. She brought the concept of the Tribe to the industry where you are part of a community in which everyone share their traffic, and let your business be known 10-20-1000 folds on auto-pilot than what you could have done by yourself. Stop doing social media alone and waste countless of hours building your business. Make yourself a favor and check this one out ===> Here


I hope this was helpful to you. Cheers!  :)


 --To Your Eternal Growth


 Pierre Tremblay


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