How To Create Killer Converting Content

You want to begin to create content, grow your tribe and build your list. A growing tribe and a bigger list means more people reading your emails and responding to your calls to action resulting in better exposure, more traffic, more leads and more profit. Sound good? Stick with me as I lead you through some of my very best tips on how to create killer converting content to help you with this key area of your online business.

This step-by-step guide will give you a mountain of actionable ideas on how to create content that will convert into free traffic for months on end. I will walk you through one of the most powerful, tried and true ways to build traffic to your business available to anyone with the desire to learn and the ability to take action. Plus, I will give you some great ideas on how to turn your new traffic into a bigger list and a growing tribe that will continue to build along with you and your business for years to come.

Before we get started, it’s important to note where you are with your business at this point in order for you to get the most out of this guide. First, you should have a proven business model such as your own products or services, affiliate products, a network marketing opportunity, or some other way to turn your website traffic into new subscribers and turn your subscribers into either business partners or sales. You have become an entrepreneur to help or add value to others in some way, shape or form and clearly you cannot do that effectively if you have nothing tangible to offer. Next, you will need an active and live website or Wordpress blog. In this guide, I am simply going to cover ways and means to create website content to enhance your existing site for the best possible results.

Your goal is to create content that will build free traffic while growing your tribe and building your list.

Since your chief aim right now is to build traffic to your site, lets look at one of the very best methods for attracting FREE traffic and focus on how to create content geared toward direct marketing for your business. The methods I will cover on how to create content are simple and easy to put together as well as extremely effective for the long-term success of your personal brand and your growing authority in the online marketplace.

I am going to use the term “content” for anything you create (specifically website content) that’s unique and can be shared with others. Some examples and ways to create content include blog posts, articles, guest posts, videos, e-books, Podcasts, newsletters, forum posts, press releases and even interviews with other peer leaders in your niche.

The challenge with learning to create content for effective marketing begins first with learning how you can best benefit your target audience. Once you get clear on what your target audience is looking for, you can then begin developing content they will connect with and respond to. If you ever have trouble figuring out what the best content to create for your audience would be or how to best develop your content for maximum results you have come to the right place.

So, how do you first get clear on your target audience and what your target audience is looking for? Simple… Create content for your customers. Sounds easy right? It is easy if you just take a little time to think about who your ideal customer would be (i.e, your customer avatar). All your marketing should be geared toward that specific ideal customer. If this is nothing new to you, great, you already have that piece of the equation in the bag. If you have not yet gotten clear on your customer avatar go ahead and do that now… and WRITE IT DOWN. Think of every characteristic you can that best defines your ideal customer and from now on think of them when you go about all your future marketing.

 Now that you are clear about your target audience, you can go about connecting with them in every way possible. Build relationships on social media, on forums, blogs, at events, etc… While creating new relationships and building your tribe of followers, friends and business associates, begin to research and study your market and your target audience. What are they looking for? What is their biggest problem, challenge, need or desire? Learn how to create content that is the most relevant to your audience and deliver it in the most effective way to best serve them.

The better you know your customers and your market, the better you can serve them and create content specifically for them.

One powerful way to learn more about your market and your customers is to ask questions. When you connect with someone new, ask them what their biggest challenge or problem is in regards to your specific niche. Send a tweet asking your question, leave an update on Facebook, place your questions into emails or ask them in person. This is a great way to get ideas for future content (customer generated content), by simply responding to the questions, problems and challenges of your target audience.

When learning how to create content, always consider what would be the biggest benefit to your target audience. Give your best and give everything you have to give. Don’t hold anything back. When you learn how to most effectively help solve the problems of others you will be very successful. Provide content full of all the information they most need.

Create content for everyone in your target audience, from beginners to experts. Some of my favorite posts are How To…, Top Ten Best…, A - Z, etc… Another approach is to divide your A - Z post into several unique pieces of content such as A post, B post, C post, etc… Use facts, charts and graphs if applicable (people love them). Also begin to add in multi-media to your content, you know, like photos, videos, audio, etc… These things can be very powerful and add another element to your content as long as they help enhance the value you provide. When you begin to really understand how to create unique content for your target audience you may find it easy to come up with more than enough ideas to cover an entire year, and then some.

Still having trouble figuring out how to create content for your target audience? If you don’t have enough by now, here’s a few more ideas that should more than cover you so you will never run out of unique content ideas ever again. Think about how you could re-purpose previously released content by turning an old blog post into a new article, a video, Podcast or e-book. Next, search Google for their free Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Then, type in your main keyword or phrase and look through the list of keyword ideas that come up… If you find a subject you like you can then re-enter it back into the keyword tool over and over again for hundreds of combinations and supporting content.

Now that you have learned how to create content for your target audience and have a long list of relevant subjects and keywords to write about, start taking action each day. Here is a great post on How To Write A Killer Blog Post that should help to teach you some great tips on actually creating each unique piece of content while giving you the “secret” viral aspect to multiply your efforts. Develop a schedule for your content creation and do your best to stick to it consistently. Over time you will develop a long list of effective content, each one building free traffic back to your website and filling Google with search results about you while building your brand and your business.

Now that you know how to create content I want to leave you with a few more tips on how to turn your growing traffic into an expanding list, a growing tribe, future clients, business partners and customers. There are many ways to build your list but one of the most effective ways is with a simple opt-in form. Make sure you write it in a way that will grab peoples attention and lead with the benefit they will receive by giving you their info. Give incentives like a free gift, a discount, a free service, knowledge or some type of value. The better the offer, the more effective. Place your opt-in offer on the top of your website home page or at the top of your blog sidebar or both and use a pop-over if you want to be a little more aggressive.

Keep after it and most importantly be consistent with your efforts (just like this kid in the picture). Creating killer converting content is certainly one of the most powerful ways to build traffic online as well as a way to build your brand authority and your online presence. It will take some time to create momentum but you should begin to see an increase in traffic within your first month that will continue to build as you leverage your previous efforts.

If you enjoyed learning these tips on how to create content, leave a comment below and let me know, also be sure to share this post with your friends on all your favorite social media sites.

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