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My Lead System Pro has quickly become the worlds #1 attraction marketing system for serious entrepreneurs worldwide. Many of the most successful professionals in internet marketing, network marketing and direct sales are among the ranks of the leaders within the growing community. This post is designed to be a definitive review of My Lead System Pro and will give you a quick overview of the system, the benefits, and what exactly to expect if you decide to become a member.

My Lead System Pro is the brainchild of three top online marketers: Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz, and Todd Schlomer. They came together to create a generic system to help struggling home-based business entrepreneurs by providing them with all the best tools , resources, websites, and ongoing training available on the planet… all in one place. Their vision was to utilize attraction marketing in everything they did to help anyone build their own successful and profitable home-based business while leveraging the power of the internet. MLSP was created to help FRUSTRATED MARKETERS get leads and learn the skills to become highly skilled and successful as online marketers.

A handful of vital components are necessary when structuring your network marketing business to ensure profit and success. First you will need a really great business opportunity, one that you believe in and one with great products and a great compensation plan. Once you have found a business opportunity that you feel is the best fit for you, you will need to find interested prospects (leads) to begin building a relationship with. It’s that simple folks, the real money in this industry is in sponsoring and recruiting.

So, you need leads… how do you get qualified, quality leads? Well, that’s where My Lead System Pro comes in…

If you are needing more quality prospects to talk to, My Lead System Pro is the answer. There is a long list of powerful marketing strategies to choose from, and within your back office of MLSP you will receive solid systematic training from experts on all aspects of online marketing for your business. Beginners with just a simple understanding of how to send an email, to advanced, seasoned online marketers will get a consistent upgrade to their skill sets with ongoing weekly webinars on all the latest techniques. As the web and social media are constantly changing, MLSP will keep you ahead of the curve and in the know before the majority of online marketers are even aware of the changes taking place.

The days of making a warm market list, chasing friends and family, buying worthless leads, cold calling strangers, and prospecting everyone you meet are over. Not to say those things are not viable, and in fact some people in the past have built seven figure incomes using those exact strategies, the truth is there is a better way… a much better way.

My Lead System Pro is built on a foundation of an enlightened marketing system called attraction marketing that utilizes the “funded proposal” which was popularized by Mike Dillard within the home-based business industry in his book Magnetic Sponsoring. The idea is to funnel people through a system that qualifies them as a quality prospect while providing real solid value, solutions to their problems, and great resources to anyone in any business opportunity. With this system of attraction  marketing, you begin building trust, position yourself as a leader, and begin earning commissions on low cost products that prospects will want and need anyway if they truly expect to succeed online… whether they join your primary business opportunity or not.

This means that for the 95% of people that do not join you in your primary business opportunity, you can still provide them with quality affiliate programs that will help them build their business. This is a win-win for everyone involved. In this way, you are getting paid to prospect while building trust and respect because you offer more than just another opportunity. With My Lead System Pro, you are offering solutions to everyone in the home-based business arena and you are offering a proven lead system while educating your prospects who will likely end up becoming your future business partners.

So, My Lead System Pro takes care of this for you… MLSP is a pre-built lead generation system, they provide you with a generic, fully customizable, personally branded “funded proposal” marketing funnel. You get high quality custom websites, email auto-responders, all the tools, the resources, and ongoing training with the top industry experts to help you build a successful and profitable home-based business.

Remember to… Keep It Simple! Get a great business opportunity, then get quality prospects to talk to, begin building a relationship with your prospects, and build your team. There are many other ways to make money with your online efforts and create a strong residual income, but building your primary business opportunity should be your main focus. My Lead System Pro can help.


Here are the steps I promote to my team when they decide they want to leverage the power of the internet and begin building their business online.

Step 1) Become A Student
Become a student of direct response marketing and attraction marketing.
Become more valuable… invest more in yourself than you do in your business.

Step 2) Provide solutions
Begin using replicated “attraction marketing” websites that lead with value, training, and solutions to your prospects problems

Step 3) Personalize
Begin to customize and personalize. Add your voice to the email auto-responders, add videos to capture pages. Begin the process of personal branding, create a customized Twitter page, Facebook page, and YouTube page. build a blog, etc…

Step 4) Become A Trainer
Begin providing valuable content to teach and train others. Create training videos, screen captures, write articles, blog posts, press releases, create valuable content, etc…

Step 5) Provide Leadership
Create your own opt-in offers, capture pages and sales funnels. Consider creating your own products, e-book, write a book, create a video training course, a boot camp, hold your own webinar trainings, etc…

This is a process I would generally expect to take six months minimum, for most it will take longer… Notice, with My Lead System Pro, you can begin earning an income from day one. You do not need to figure everything out and build your own websites, landing pages, sales funnels, email auto-responders, affiliate products, continuity products, high ticket products, etc… MLSP does all this for you.


Lets put this together here in a very clear way… These are the elements that make up a strong and successful marketing funnel…

With My Lead System Pro:

  • You can make some residual income off affiliate or “instant commission” products even if your leads do not end up joining you in your primary business opportunity. There are now over 14 main affiliate products you can add to your marketing funnel at this time.
  • You will make a residual income with those that join you in MLSP with what is known as a “continuity product“. In other words, you will earn a recurring monthly commission on each member that joins you in MLSP.
  • Your leads will follow through your MLSP marketing funnel where prospects will have an opportunity to join you in your primary business opportunity.
  • Through this process, you build an email list, YOUR OWN LIST, one that you own and control and will have the ability to build a relationship with (and yes, monetize) for the rest of your life. This is where the real power lies…

My Lead System Pro costs less than a cup of coffee a day!

Seriously… My Lead System Pro has a Risk Free membership start up special for new members of $9.97 for your first 14 days with a 100% money back guarantee. After that, it only costs $49.97 a month. That’s a steal considering all the value you get as a member and the fact that you could be making a few thousand bucks extra each month from the affiliate products alone.

Is My Lead System Pro a scam? Absolutely not, it is a very real and powerful system set up with YOU in mind and designed to put more money back into it’s members hands. But don’t expect to begin getting a heavy flow of leads from simply signing up, as with anything you do to build a successful business, it will take some consistent effort to build your income streams and begin building your down line.

What I love the most about My Lead System Pro, being a very visually oriented person, is the clarity of all the training, the quality of the generic websites you have access to for your own marketing, and the simple, systematic approach of all the valuable training. MLSP is, in my opinion,  the best lead generation system and single solution for all home-based business entrepreneurs.

What’s funny is that I had heard talk about My Lead System Pro for almost a year since their inception and was not interested in joining. I had met the founders in person at a marketing event in Las Vegas and had even gotten a picture with Brian Fanale. There was so much buzz about them even then… and I must confess that I was somewhat closed minded about the whole thing. I had it in my mind that I needed to create my own system and do it all myself… what a knucklehead! The truth is, I really did not know what it was all about until later on down the road I finally looked into what MLSP actually was. I signed up just to check it out and was very impressed to say the least.

The integrity of the leaders, the unmatched tools and education, and the serious value that this generic lead system provides is what sets MLSP apart and why the community has been consistently taking the industry by storm. Bottom line, My Lead System Pro works!

I hope you enjoyed this review and expect it will prove valuable to you. Remember to Share This Post with your friends on your favorite social media sites! Leave A Comment below and join the conversation, I would love to hear your thoughts on My Lead System Pro and what it has meant to you…

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