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In my last blog (your eulogy or your speech) I shared with you a technique that would help you identify your goals in life. I write on this this in my soon to be release book. The technique involved writing and delivering a speech to your country. In my example it’s is my book and network marketing that is going to change lives. Here is my speech…

Good evening (afternoon) dear reader. Thank you for choosing this book. I suppose that if you are already home, comfortably laying in your couch or bed, reading these very lines, then you are prepared for something big in your life. Maybe you are expecting a change, maybe you need words to confirm what you already know.

Either way, you made a choice, and it’s my job and responsibility to re-assure you it’s the right one. First and foremost, I have to clear up some facts as to who I’m addressing. You might be an entertainer, you might be a fighter. You might already possess knowledge on how to make the crowds cheer and the audiences to gasp in awe and amazement. You might be a middle-class worker, or even a student.

To me, you are but one thing…you are all people. You, as people, have already been through hard times and effort and I assume that you have all gained the respect of being a person of word and trust. Being a person means you have won half the fight. I’m here to speak to you about the other half, on how to win the match. My addressing is to you as one person to another.

As a person, no matter what you are and where you are, we all have our own scale in life that we are trying to climb. Every day, each and every one of us is “looking up” into the sky taking a step further in life, day by day. Of course, this imaginary scale of our life is determined by several concepts.

Time, the value of our word, our will, ambitions and desires which we possess. With these virtues, which we use as tools, we decide how and when to shape our lives and though it comes with pain and sacrifice, in the end, we get the reward of learning a bit more about life and its surroundings.

Back in Ancient times, we can follow one of the first examples of how the human mind works. Men such as Spartans and Athenians, brought many glories to their profound city-states and many of their heroes were cheered by the masses. Their names echo in the poems, their voices heard in the harps that the artists played.

Even if that civilization seems distant and it’s culture too different, our personality can be compared to their attitude towards life. They, as us today, had their imaginary scale of life and certain virtues. They spoke of belief to the gods as we speak of belief in ourselves or fate. It is then important to note that in respect to our forefathers and ancestors (actors, gladiators, philosophers, musicians) that we owe our respect and dreams to today.

Clearing this up, I now would like to move to several big points, that will help you achieve greatness. Some of them, I mentioned previously. The first thing you ever want to do before doing or considering anything else is, you have to be aware of time.

Time is perhaps the moving essence of all being on the planet. From the time you were born, to the time we pass away, whatever choices we might take or actions that we do we do it because we are unavoidably and unwillingly, stuck in a certain time-line. Now, let’s look at this closely. Because time is of the essence!

Right now,, in this moment, you can feel that you are alive. Your consciousness is perceptive of the reality you live in. You have to realize that this is a constructed reality. Your mind, through previous experience has built its own reality based on your thoughts. What does this mean? It means that reality that has once been constructed, can be deconstructed.

This has its pros and cons. Although you can deconstruct what you think, to re-affirm new thoughts, confidence and experience, the environment might not do the same. By changing yourself, don’t expect others to change. You have to know and be aware that they might not want to change or might even try and stop you from changing.

This is where many have failed, discouraged by what other people think. By now, even many of you might be reflecting on a similar situation like this one that you had in your life. I completely understand that fact. I wouldn’t be writing this down if I wasn’t down that drain.

Failure is a part of the process through which we one day become successful in something and become number one. If you have failed, it only means you have bigger chances of success. Now that you know what it takes, and you are aware of the pain that you go through, you must also consider another thing.

You have to be aware that time is your advantage and not your competitor. By realizing, in a sense, that reality is abstract, you realize the power of NOW. Yes, I’m talking right about this moment. Attain the power of the moment and seize what we call today. It is time to get up from your comfy couch and project yourself into your dreams and desires. How to achieve this, you may ask. Maybe you’ve tried already, but it isn’t working.

Following time, comes another virtue, the word. The word in its linguistic sense is nothing more than a unit of the subject, which is used and was used for people to communicate. But there is also other essences of the word. It’s metaphorical meaning, its respect that it gains when it is being said.

Other than just speaking out to the public and choosing your words carefully, we tend to forget that words have the biggest meaning when addressed towards ourselves. Whether someone else speaks out to us or whether we speak out to ourselves, the word will always remain vital and alive to ourselves. That is why, you need discipline of the mind.

One of the greatest boxers of all time – Muhammad Ali said – It’s not the mountain ahead that wears you out, it’s the pebble in the shoe. – Without discipline, your will, will soon vanish and your confidence down the toilet.

It’s the things we say and think of ourselves is what gets us somewhere or nowhere. What we think is what we do, so only by thinking what we WANT to do, we can actually start doing it. How? Remember that time when that first Monday in the start of the new month, you wanted to go out for a run? It didn’t happen did it now? Not because of the rain or because you were tired, but because you told yourself “Not today” and with that, you let the goals slip away.

Guess what, today might be any day you want it to be and if you want to do it, you do it NOW. Seize that chance before it runs out of your hands. Maybe you’re not into sports. Maybe you’ve been stuck for five years in a small office, dreaming of that CEO spot. You’re afraid to lose. But who’s afraid to lose, loses anyway.

Imagine you’d wish to talk about that splendid promotion. Picture your fears of what might happen, account for the loss, analyze the threat and then … hit the ball hard and play. Remember that you’re defending yourself by attacking the world. Your words should be sharp as razors, your mind venomous and disciple, focused solely on your target, on your goal, on success. It takes allot of courage, to pester life and to uphold its challenges.

Life often turns into a comedy, you know? It turns into a show and we are left with no other choice but to follow it, taking us wherever it’s heading. The great singer –John Lennon said, life is what hits us while we’re making plans about life. Very often that’s true. Very often.

You see, even though we are social beings, much of our time here on our beloved Earth is spent either thinking about the future or not thinking at all. Our common sense make us aware of our environment, yes so many of our choices are on auto-pilot. It’s the habit that we get into every day that makes us numb.

Either we pay too much attention or we don’t pay attention at all. I started thinking about this a while ago, and now that I have the chance, I would like to share that story with you. It was in one of my travelling days. There’s a sort of feeling that you get, when you start travelling. It’s as if you are a ghost, moving your body from one city/state to the next.

I remember one time, I was heading to training and it was located in an area I was not familiar with. The previous day, one of the guys told me the address, stating that it’s really easy to find the place. I was thinking “oh, alright, I’ll just ask for directions when I get there”. The thing is, I got stuck in a foreign place for three long hours.

I was walking up and down the streets like a hobo, asking around and no one seemed to know where this place might be. This is one of those moments where I’ve felt alone the most. You’re moving around, seeing strange faces as you are strange to them yourself. After three hours of hauling around, I finally sat down on the sidewalk and it all hit me.

How this whole fiasco might be pointless. My imaginary scale in life, on which Im persistently climbing and climbing and I never see the ending. All I can see is just more and more ladder steps. –Just this one and maybe I’ll reach the top. Maybe if I put in some more effort I’ll find hope -. In a matter of seconds, my whole existence came to a pointless stop.

I was startled by the facts that I might not become one day, that perfection, that image that we are all hoping to become. As I stared at the people passing by, I realized that they are all a sense, a being that are moving into some direction in life. And what was my direction? Did I take the wrong step? What do I actually fit into? I realized that, although, our circumstances in the big pictures don’t account for much, our choices that we stumble upon, define the lives that we live.

We, as people, want nothing more than to just feel a part of something. To feel the embrace and harmony of home. To feel protected and loved, no matter what we are and where we go. And if you want to feel that, first you have to fight and earn your place in the world. Instead of lying around, wondering what could happen, I decided right there and then, that I’m going to keep moving. Don’t get stuck in between.

Don’t allow yourself to say, -well, this is all I want from life. Now I can just exist and breathe, and just work my job and that is what life is about. – Don’t go there. I know that, we all have a comfort-zone where we feel the most comfy with who we are and what we do, but … is that life, really? Will you actually, stand aside and gaze at the world from a rear-view mirror? Force yourself out of your rut! Make a step forward. Perform a leap of faith and jump into the unknown. Replace fear with curiosity. Startle your mind, tell him – I am what controls you- not the other way around.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s harder than you think. It’s not, like, you hear this, then jump off your seat and go: Well, time to change the world darling… Nope. Expect failure, at all times. As a matter of fact, ninety percent of success is failing. I’m not saying that life isn’t hard, I’m saying you have to keep moving, no matter the odds. It’s the same with being an entertainer or a man of the crowds as well.

Sure, you’ll have those outstanding performances where everybody loves you, but sooner or later, as you grow “bigger” on stage, the audience will want more. Eventually you’re going to be draining yourself mentally, seeking inspiration. There will be days when you don’t feel like going out there or getting closer to the world. Sometimes, you might want to evade the spotlight as much as possible. Grab life with your arms around it’s neck and lead it wherever you want to go.

The great Muhammad Ali said: - He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life...

Dear Ali, I totally agree with you and I hope you agree as well. It’s time for a new beginning!

The End

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