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9 Reasons to Join Poker Training Network

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First of all, let me clarify what Poker Training Network is NOT.

PTN is NOT about gambling.
PTN is NOT about making money from playing poker.

With that said, why should you get involved with Poker Training Network?  Here’s 9 compelling reasons why.

Poker Training Network associate Jenny McCarthy1. Rubbing Elbows with Celebrities – Jenny McCarthy, Shannon Elizabeth, and Jim Karol are all distributors of PTN.  Montel Williams has become the co-owner of the company.  Who better than a common household name celebrity motivational speaker to pitch for you?

2. Recruit Using Facebook Game – PTN All-in Room is currently in beta testing, soon to be released.  Quite a change of pace in recruiting.  Do people play games on Facebook, you ask?  Zynga, the maker of Farmville, Mafia Wars and Zynga Poker, is estimated to be worth $4 billion.

3. 50% Payout – One of the benefits of information product is the generous payout rate.  Any products with individual cost, packaging and shipping will shrink your commissions, and any payout larger than 50% will not be able to sustain the company.

4. Let’s Clarify “Unique” – We’ve all heard of how new and unique some opportunity is.  PTN actually is unique, in fact it’s the sole MLM in a huge market as poker.

5. Instant Networking – If you play poker or know someone who does, you are instantly connected to a network of other poker players.  Poker fits right into a business such as MLM where networking and relationship building are critical.

6. Learn Poker in Your Spare Time – You get to learn poker and improve your game in your spare time and still be working on your business.

7. Watch Poker in Your Spare Time – You get to watch poker on TV to study your business.

8. Play Poker in Your Spare Time – You get to play poker and network and build your business.

9. Laughter is the Best Medicine – In poker, you socialize and have fun.  Laughing is the simplest and easiest therapy that does not cost anything, require any products or equipment.  After all, you work hard so you can have fun.  Why not have fun working?

The sooner you start, the more of this huge market you’ll get to have. 

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