The Magic of internet traffic

I have found the best way to drive Internet traffic

Let's get right to this topic about creating Internet traffic.  I have been on the ultimate search for Internet traffic since February 12th 2009.  Why do I remember this specific date you ask?  Well, it just so happens that this is the date that I decided it was time for this "old dog" to learn some new tricks.

Having been a professional network marketer in the past, I new I needed to keep up with the speed of internet marketing in the Future.  I was getting tired of fighting everyone else on Google for better ranking with out much success at that time.  I joined a High ticket company (not mentioning the name) that I felt would provide the training  I was looking for.  The date was February 9th 2009 as I mentioned.  I devoted myself for the next three months, spending days at a time pouring through all of the training modules and appling what I had learned about creating Internet traffic.  Though I had some success in the begining, I was still struggling because the leads I was getting required that I call them all at any given time around the world...

Can you imagine trying to schedule all the different time zones and peoples available time... Wow, what an ordeal that was!

The missing link to Internet traffic success

I worked that company for about three years and figured that I about broke even after all the online paid traffic and PPC I had been buying.  Google and Yahoo made a fortune off of me!  Then one day I had a Big Break through. I realized that I was working way too hard at this and I needed to find a system that also did the selling so that I wasn't on the phone 8 hours every day.  BINGO!!!

 Don't ever buy into the OLD idea that you have to be "Everything to Everybody" to make it Big in this business.

I then quickly found another comany that was providing a "BETTER WAY".  They were training people to make better web sites that did the prospecting and the selling all online!  This method increased Internet traffic that was specific and pre-qualified...YAY!

All of a sudden my life changed!  I made over $3000 in my first two weeks of joining and it went on from there...with very little phone calling if any!

The Internet traffic Formula

Build websites and Blog pages that do the selling for you!   Better yet, find a company that does it for you...Then (this is key)  Syndicate your sites so that they are everywhere!  Even better yet...   Do it for FREE.  Driving Internet traffic to your sites does not have to be hard.

I will show you how here:

Now, this was starting to be a lot more fun.  I was creating more Internet traffic in my sleep then I was before.   The system was working..  I was now able to reach more pre-qualified people around the world and actually help them make money by building Internet traffic.  What a concept!  I feel better just talking about it...

Join me at "Magic of Abundance "

"Driving specific targeted Internet traffic to your sites is the way to create fabulous wealth online".

Let's work together and build a brighter future for all those people in the world looking for a 'Better Way"!


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