SevenPoint2 Announces Free Membership Before October 1st

Taking the High Road
There have been some people who thought 'Free
Placement Registration' meant that they did not have
to buy a Membership Kit.

Although this is made very clear in the policies and on the
website there has been some confusion and as a result,
the company has taken the high road, and the $39.95
Membership Kit is optional until the launch October 1st. 
The kit comes with pH strips and a lot of support materials,
including some excellent videos and is highly recommended.

What does this mean?
You have only one more week where you can enroll
for membership kit purchase required to become
a member as long as you are in before October 1st!

So my suggestion is to get enrolled and get absolutely
everyone you know in as well! If you only knew what I know!

Basically you get the business for free for the first year.
So what's stopping you??? Come and join The 7.2 Dream Team

Oct 1st 2012 will be a $20 renewal for the replicated website.
Do you have any idea how big this will be in a
And of course there's the 30 day money back guarantee
on the what's the risk?... Nada

Click enroll on the top right hand side of the page:

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