Step 1 of the The HomeBased Network Marketing Business Plan

Robert Kiyosaki the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad is definitely a fan of the network marketing business model. There's no need to explain his reasoning here when he does it so well himself. If you've never seen his explanation of the cashflow quadrant, and why you need to explore having a home based business, and why network marketing might be a great choice for you, then you need to watch his video presentation.

After deciding that a homebased business is an intelligent and necessary choice in this economy, then you need to do your homework and research the different options available. Believe me there are many!

In my mind a network marketing company, or mlm of some sort, should be the core and foundation of your home business model. My reasoning for this, is the type of income that is generated. True... long term... leveraged... walk away residual income is the goal, however to achieve this there are many crucial elements that must be in place to ensure your possibility of success.

Since most people tend to jump around, at every new opportunity that comes along, there is often little due diligence performed. What are the criteria for making your decision? One of the best resources I've ever seen for learning how to make a wise decision is a book written by Lou Abbott called MLM The Whole Truth.

Because the investment is often quite small, the corresponding risk is also small, and therefore the effort expended to protect and grow the investment is often limited. If it doesn't work out... no big deal on to the next, creating serial network marketers with little or no success.

Imagine that you are investing millions of dollars to start your business! How much homework would you do before you finalized your decision now. Well... your network marketing venture has the capability of making you millions of dollars too, so before you invest your time you should make sure you are investing it wisely. Time is the only thing, that once lost, can never be regained.

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