The cost of replacing your car keys is humongous especially if you decide to have the car dealership replace them. Even if you opt for a locksmith to replace the key you will still have to part with some funds for the cutting and reprogramming of the key. In some instances, you will find that the locksmith is unable to replace the key owing to the sophistication inherent in the technology used in the manufacture of the key. Furthermore, the process of replacing the set of car keys is long and strenuous further fueling your frustrations.

Please note that if you have already lost your keys and need them replaced, then the locksmith is your best option. Try to get a local locksmith to make the replacement process easier and cheaper. For instance if you live in San Diego, you can search for car key replacement San Diego and select the locksmith closest to your location.

Prevention is always better than the cure and that is why you need to take pre-emptive measures, which guarantee you will not fall into a situation of replacing your car keys in the future. Consistency and routine are essential in helping you keep track of your keys so that you avoid the issue of having to replace them. You should adopt the following behaviors and adhere to them religiously if you want to always know where your car keys are.


Always keep your car keys in a bowl near the door or on a hook also near the door. Designate a special bowl for your car keys by the front door, and develop a habit of placing the keys there every time you enter the house. Over time, the action of placing your keys in this special bowl will become almost second nature, and you will always know where the keys are when you arrive home. In addition, it can help ease a moment of panic, such as when you are in a great hurry. The panic will decrease because you will not have to spend countless minutes searching your entire house for the keys.


Another behavior you should inculcate into your daily routine is to place the car keys in the same pocket every day. This is an especially useful tip for individuals who tend to lose their keys often while they are on the move. Dedicate a special pocket in your purse or your trouser for storing your car keys as you go about your daily activities.

Another tip is to include your keys in your dressing routine every morning. You can develop a habit of putting on all your clothes, and then placing your keys in a dedicated pocket for the final finish.

Having your keys in the same pocket every day will guarantee that your keys are always in the same spot throughout the day. This will greatly reduce the chances of you misplacing the keys as you move around during the day.


The third behavior you should adopt is attaching your car keys to a keychain that is easy to locate inside your bag. Ensure that the keychain is brightly decorated, as this will make it harder to misplace the set of keys. The keychain should have some weight on it to avoid the possibility of it slipping out of your bag or pocket unsuspected. 


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