How to network with other dentists

When you start to get into the swing of things at college, there is one piece of advice that seems to be flung at people from every direction, no matter what they are thinking of majoring in: network. You need to network in order to be able to meet the people who will help you in the years to come, and that seems to end up meaning gong to those horrible and slightly boring ‘networking events’ where all you do is stand around and make awkward small talk, none of you wanting to be there but all of you feeling as though you should. The trouble is, the emphasis on networking does not really go away after you have left college – and in many ways, it only increases and intensifies. But what if you are not going into the world of business: is it still just as important? What if you are going to be a dentist?

This may seem strange, but even if you are going to be going into the world of dentistry, you need to be able to network, and continue networking throughout your career. Even when you have finished all of your training and you are enjoying running your own practice, you still need to network. We spoke to Dr Paige Woods, an entrepreneurial biological dentist who runs her own dental practice, and as we discussed her career to date, it was clear that several of the moments that have really defined it have been thanks to some clever networking. She told us the three most important reasons why she thinks networking is really important:

You learn about new research

For a start, you always want to be kept in the loop of the new research that is being developed around the world, from new methods of treatment to breakthroughs in diagnosis. Without networking with other dentists and keeping yourself in the conversations, those sorts of discoveries are just going to pass you by, and you won’t be able to pass those benefits on to your patients.

You learn about new opportunities

If you ever want to progress your career, you need to be in with a chance of knowing where the opportunities are – and unlike many other kinds of professions, dentists don’t have the same sort of approach to new jobs that many others do. You have got to know that the chance is there, because it probably won’t be advertised to the general public.

You yourself can teach

You may not see this as a positive just yet, but being able to directly contribute to the dental world can give you a real buzz, and it’s an excellent way to give back to the community that has probably helped you a great deal on the steps of your career. Being able to help someone else through your networking may not come around every day, but when it does you should seize it and hope that you will be able to repay your collective debt.

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