Knowing the techniques covered in Group Discussion

GD or Group Discussion is said to be utilized by organizations and institutions across the globe for gauging if the candidate possesses specific personality skills and traits like being a team player, having good verbal communication skills,  reasoning ability, non-verbal behavior,  leadership skills, assertiveness, initiative, flexibility, creativity, decision making abilities, conformation to norms, etc.

What is the GD all about?

A GD could be group tasks, case study or GD Topics based. It tends to test as to how the candidate functions as part of the team. This is more so, if the candidate is an  aspiring manager and is expected to work along with teams, either as a leader or member, know how to communicate, interact, behave, participate,  contribute and listen when in a group. These are few of the vital criterions that  are looked during the selection process.

How it is categorized?

GD could be categorized into three different phases, which are Introduction or Initial, Body and Conclusion or Summarization.

Suggestions and strategies for GDs

  1. Since knowledge is strength, the candidate needs to have inculcated good reading habits for ensuring success
  2. Paying attention as to what, why and how to communicate
  3. Being deliberate, slow with points delivery
  4. Following Principles of Politeness
  5. Substantiating the point with well suited examples
  6. Not offering opportunities to others to discuss at own expense
  7. Being a good listener
  8. Not being angry, emotional or loud
  9. Appreciating others’ viewpoints

10.  Not unnecessarily intervening when others speak

11.  Making crispy and short comments always

12.  Using easy to understand, direct, straight forward and simple language. Avoiding using of slang languages

13.  Maintaining rapport with the fellow participants

14.  If someone appreciates the view point, they are to be responded positively and thanked for the compliment made

15.  Time is  to be winded upon that could be performed by having all essential discussed points to be incorporated

Things to remember

Opening up a discussion can prove to be a high risk, better returns strategy. It is necessary for the candidate to be well versed with the Latest Group discussion topics, so as to stand a better chance to emerge the leader of the group. It is very much important for making the right impression and contributions to the topic related discussions  are to be made at regular intervals. The points are to be placed in a positive, confident and emphatic manner. There are six C’s related to effective communications which are: completeness, clarity, confidence, consciousness, courtesy and correctness. The management aspirant lacking leadership can never become a good manager.  He is to have the ability to guide others in the right direction, inspire, co-ordinate, motivate and to maintain eye contract.

A perspective of idea that opens new horizons, putting across convincingly new ideas for discussion with regards to GD topic has been highly appreciated always. The right balance is to be struck between expressing ideas and to listen to the others.

It is possible for the aspiring candidate to imbibe in the necessary skills through GD course availed from a reputed institution.

Group Discussion is an important aspect that every management aspirant is to undergo when trying to give an interview and to get selected. Knowing some tips can help the candidate to stay ahead of the crowd.


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