What You Know And Don’t Know About PBX Maintenance Agreements

When you own a large or small scale business, it is important to implement a phone system service like the private branch exchange (PBX), which is fast and efficient. These items that generally belong to the PBX phone system are sold with a particular warranty, which incorporates a lot of details. These details basically include replacing of parts for free as well as no additional labor cost in cases of a repair required. What are the other facets that are understood from these contracts?

The facets included in the maintenance contract

  • As is stated in the maintenance contract, the pricing is based on the number of ports that are active, precisely the devices that are connected to the phone system. You need to adjust the number according to your business needs.
  • A 2 hour response time is made available for major and large service calls.
  • There is no surplus charge for basic programming-support or instructions that are given over calls.
  • Provisions for software backup or data recovery is available.
  • Whenever a technical assistance is required, it is provided.
  • A visual inspection is provided which also includes an on the site technician visit for maintenance purposes.

Why is maintenance required?

  • Savings and budget: Generally a maintenance contract is so designed that it aligns the telephone system costs of the business with its annual budget. In case of system failures these agreements are supposed to cover the unforeseen conditions rather than amount to a costly bill.
  • Tranquility of mind: In most cases, PBX has a warranty period of a year. Any faulty equipment of the system will show up within this tenure and in small systems it is a rarity. A case that is not repairable might only occur under damages due to lightning.
  • Priority service: Your Company can gain the front-row importance if you have the preferred-customer status. In such situations quicker and undulated responses are also possible.
  • Phone support: This is an important aspect which is included in the agreement. The customers receive a free support over calls on how to operate their handsets if required.
  • Annual technician visit: An integral part of the contract is the term “maintenance”. A person who has his expertise in the technical field is appointed to do the task for your business phone system in order to ensure that no stones are left unturned while the system is being repaired.

There are a lot of facts that customers generally do not know about these phone systems, starting from the huge profits of the sales team that the maintenance company generally enjoys. Moreover the maintenance agreements are much similar to the insurance policies.

 The only aspect that seems to be enticing about these contracts is that they cover the necessary details, which would have otherwise been gone unnoticed. If your business is essentially dependent on PBX uptime then it is equally important that you need to consider every detail that is stated in the maintenance agreement to be on the safe end.


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