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The Franchise Of the future: Qivana (just got even better!)

In today’s volatile economic climate, many people are abandoning the corporate ladder to embrace the exciting benefits of entrepreneurship. If you’re ready to control your destiny, Qivana just might be the answer.

You may be asking, “Why shouldn’t I invest in a traditional franchise?”. After all, franchises come with a range of indisputable benefits. First, they’re built on proven, tested business formulas- and franchisees receive guidance, training and ongoing support from franchisers. In addition, owners can problem-solve and share success stories with other franchisees, rather than reinventing the wheel. So what’s the down side? $Money$. In addition to hefty chain fees, franchise owners are saddled with the additional cost of equipment, rental space and inventory. As a result, loans, debt and credit lines rope you in for the long haul-even if your business fails. Consider the outrageous costs of these well known  franchises:

  • Subway – $250,000

  • H&R Block – $85,000

  • 7-Eleven – $700,000

  • Great Clips – $200,000

  • McDonald’s – 1,500,000

Ouch! How many people can afford to jump into something like that? Can you?

The best franchise isn’t a franchise at all…it just incorporates all the benefits of one.

One of the most exciting things about Qivana is that it’s a tried-and-true business formula that includes franchise benefits, but requires only a modest cash outlay. In fact, you can enroll as an independent business owner (IBO) for only $45…not thousands or millions of dollars. And the most beneficial initial order for a start-up Business Packakge is just $1,000, making Qivana a low-risk investment with exceptional returns. We highly recommend you also purchase the premium web site as it includes some very important additional features that aren’t included in the basic site that you receive for the initial $45. The additional features include dozens of hours of trainings that help you in turn become a Certified Trainer with Qivana’s Success System (QSS). “The Go90Grow” System is also included within the Premium web site, as is “Deductr”. The 2 training platforms incorporate the success principles of ” Think & Grow Rich” along with hours of video training by past and current IBO’s who have literally made millions in this industry. Deductr is an application that tracks your tax deductions and cash flow, and combines to virtually ensure you have the ability to be cash flow positive right out of the gates. Traditional franchises tend to take years and years before generating a true profit.

The range of tax savings generated from a home based business is approx. $2,000 to $11,000. The average tax benefit is some where around $5,000. Deductr walks you through the important steps to tracking your potential tax savings from day one of your business. There are over 150congressionally mandated tax benefits for a home based business .

  • Tax savings can more than cover your start up and monthly cost, plus it can put cash in  your pocket.

  • The Home Based Business tax advantage can on average, return far more than the monthly cost, putting you cash flow positive right out of the gates!

Best of all, when you choose Qivanayour enrollment fee takes care of everything: warehousing and product shipment, customer service, commission payments, products research & development, personalized IBO web sites and marketing tools, international company expansion, training programs, regional events, convention and reward trips. At $45, we think you’ll agree – it’s an unheard – of bargain.

With Qivana you can:

  • Earn short and long-term residual income
  • Work part-time or full time
  • Get paid weekly
  • Earn retail commissions
  • Experience personal growth via mentoring
  • And much more!

Sign up today (click here) and don’t let another year go by without leveraging these powerful home based benefit tax advantages. If you are a W2 wage earner, you need this. Stop paying the IRS more that you need to and start a powerful business with unlimited earnings potential. Just imagine…


Click HERE and start your Qivana home based business today, and join the team. Welcome!


For more information about the Qivana business opportunity visit, or call or email Sean Wheelan at 401-965-9384, [email protected]. Visit for the latest product launches, company insite, ownership and leader profiles and local events!

To your Qivana success!


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