The Best Reasons why your Not going to Go to Work Today!

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The Best Reasons why your Not going to Go to Work Today!

I am sick. You have cramps if your a woman, or stomach issues, or the Flu, or what ever.

My car broke. I am having repaired.

House flooded last night with all the rain. The snow finally melted and now we are flooding.

Dog got out of the yard and I am looking for him.

Court. You, family, close friend...

Tree fell on house. Almost the same as flood but different variation.

There are many more and I am sure you can come up with them on the fly, but the very best and the one I am looking forward to delivering is:

I am making too much money from my business to take the time to drive an hour to work for 8 hours and then drive an hour home to finally get to do what I want to do, Build my own Business!

For help building your business please download this free book! It will save you years of failure and frustration!

Good Luck and God Bless You!

Timothy C Burns

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