Be Sensitive to the Holy Spirit

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I just got off our weekly Advantage Conferences Mindset Mentoring call. It was powerful information that is rarely taught in business and ministry. I was listening to the call and it was so obvious that the folks that have attacked us will simply not get the value offered at Advantage Conferences.

During my reading this morning, here was some teaching that ministered to me this morning and here are some nuggets.

Stay sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading. Opportunities will come to you. In the meantime, you are being prepared for your calling. So lay aside every weight that could easily beset you and hinder you from fulfilling your calling and winning your race. (Heb. 12:1) Weights will distract you from your mission, so lay them aside. They may not be sin, but they will keep you from fulfilling your divine purpose. Distractions are part of the enemy’s device. He uses distractions to keep you from walking in God’s divine purpose.

Go before the Lord; seek His face, listen to His voice, and He will speak to you strongly and clearly. As part of the preparation for your calling, He will teach you how to hear His voice. To accurately follow God’s plan for your life, you have to be able to understand the directions He gives you. You have to clearly see what He has ordained you to do. And you must be divinely led by Him. When the Lord leads you, there is divine protection, divine guidance, and divine wisdom.

As you seek His face, you will be emboldened as never before. When you know what He’s called you to do, there is a boldness that accompanies His calling. As you yield to that boldness, doors will open for you. You will have more opportunities and supernatural favor than you can fathom. The plans God has for you are far greater than what you have imagined for yourself!

Jack Weinzierl

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Profound words of wisdom.

God bless you Jack.

Stay New

Larry TUcker — Wed, 03/05/2008 - 3:45am

Christians Being Bilked by Other Christians!

Jack Weinzierl is pushing Advantage Conferences, which sued the Dallas Better Business Bureau and lost.  98% of the participants lost their money.  Many are out thousands of dollars.  The page says: 

Advertising Review

In October 2005, the BBB questioned whether the company's marketing program is a pyramid. In November 2005, the company filed a lawsuit against the BBB. In October 2006, the court granted the BBB's motion for summary judgment dismissing the company's lawsuit.

 Advantage Conferences also got involved in a shady stranger owned life insurance program for seniors that imploded.  AC pirated the name of a local parrish and set up a questionable charity without the permission or blessing of that church.

Jack Weinzierl himself was mentored straight into chapter 7 bankruptcy and asked for dismissal amid allegations of possibly fraudulent transfers.  He has also been kicked off of several sites due to all this.

soapboxmom (not verified) — Sat, 11/08/2008 - 6:43pm
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