Retaining wall ideas for landscape that you will love

Potholes, hills and slopes present a challenge for owners of homes because these rugged landscape areas are hard to reach areas where you are not interested in planting flowers because it will take quite some time. So today we thought to present the best ideas from walls to the garden. Use these retaining wall ideas for landscape and which are also attractive.


For the garden walls of large stones

Instead of using a single type of material for the wall, you can use a combination of several types of stones. Instead of making a retaining wall standard can use your imagination, our ideas and incorporate different materials, texture, and color. Raises the bar with these ideas that we present how to design the wall so that the design of your exterior landscape become the talk of the neighborhood. Liven up your wall by incorporating a large pot.


Separating walls for plants lawn

You can also turn your wall into one adding creepers, as petunias, lobelia lavender rose bush. Your wall will explode into color every spring and summer. Use the wall as a bed for vegetable plants, herbs, and flowers. Use chives and rosemary to have different heights in its construction. These differences create an interesting angle of flowers and plants. Add sunlamps around your to create a romantic and attractive glow at night.


Stone wall surrounding the garden pond

Another idea is to use pots to save space and have an impact on the project. The mixture of bright colors with beautiful green plants for your pots creates a beautiful contrast of colors and textures. A road of gray stones surrounding your wall will create the perfect setting at the same time, will contrast with the colors of your garden. Choose gray slate stones to create the path.


High stone wall decorated with pots

Use bright and beautiful flowers in reds, oranges, and yellows to plant between stones. Install the stones along the ground and around the wall to form a beautiful way in your backyard. Make your way lead to areas of land around the house or even garden furniture. Innovative designs are metal fences full of polished red-tiled walls that make decorating the garden.


High wall of plants in this garden with lots of nature

But you can fill with any type of stone and, above all, are not harmful to nature, in fact. The major component metal fence and rock, are a great place that will love birds that can even nest. Some may think that the stone wall is past but we assure you that they are wrong.


 How to build a retaining wall?

 A retaining wall is used to stop the mass of loose materials, usually ground, but can be made from different materials. If you want to know how does one, in this Bricopedia we will see how to build a retaining wall made of stones or concrete blocks.

To make a retaining wall we know that is divided into two parts, one is the shoe and over the wall. The function of the shoe is transmitted to ground voltages is subject to the rest of the structure and anchor it consistently.


How to build a retaining wall?

Follow this step by step to learn how to build a retaining wall with concrete blocks.


Step 1. Make a shoe

  • Firstly, dig a ditch. You will need to dig to reach the depth necessary to protect the foundations of the weather.
  • Pour a layer of concrete. For this, the base poured into a layer about 4 cm thick concrete. To properly prepare the concrete, you can read how to make concrete.
  • Place over feral armor, always tied together with wire to prevent movement.
  • Poured concrete.  Finally, fill in all the concrete footing and leaves the even surface to start building the wall. To calculate what you need, you can consult the Bricopedia  How to calculate the necessary material to make a concrete?


Step 2. Lift the wall

  • Place the first row of blocks spreading mortar on the concrete base of the shoe based on the angles and extreme. It is important that the concrete blocks are to slash.
  • Angle places a block at each end and each wall 3 meters since these blocks are then introduced scrap reinforcement.
  • Place your order at the end blocks and builds a string between them, single block, to guide the alignment of each row of blocks.
  • The rows of blocks are placed in the mortar, which will have to cut with the tip of a blade to gain more grip.
  • Finally, filled with mortar joints that have become hollow.
  • In this way, you will already have ready your retaining wall with concrete blocks.

 Go ahead and build your retaining wall with these easy steps.

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