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Author: Rob Wynkoop

By: Rob Wynkoop

If you've stumbled across this article, you're looking for the "next big thing" in network marketing companies. Prior to becoming a network marketer, I was a journalist. I spent almost a decade learning how to research, ask questions and investigate stories. I put those skills to work and have found Ximo Health to be the best new network marketing company for 2011.

The reasons that set Ximo Health apart from other new companies are three things:

1. A unique product that is presently in high demand.

2. Experienced corporate leadership that is well capitalized.

3. Value and an easy to understand system for duplication.

The product:

Ximo Golden Energy ShotXimo Health's flagship product is its "Golden Energy" shot. This product is unique because there is nothing like it on the market right now. It is an energy shot, but not in the "sugary-caffeinated" sort of energy shot/drink way. In fact, Golden Energy shots have no sugar, fat or calories.

They use what is described by the company as a "polyphasic" system which essentially means it provides quick energy for an immediate pick-me-up, but also contains a special blend of active herbals that provide sustained energy for hours without a "crash" associated with other energy products and drinks on the market. Not only does Ximo out perform all other products on the market, the company intends to make it even more convenient that other products found in bottles or cans.

Beginning in March, Golden Energy shots will be available in single-serving foil packets with tear-off tops. This will make them highly convenient to stick in purses, pockets, cycling jerseys, etc.

The company has also said it intends to offer Golden Energy in a large "wine-like" bottle which will allow customers to get more value for their money. By having two sizes, customers can have a bottle for the refrigerator at a reduced cost per ounce as well as the on-the-go energy shot packets.

In addition to its performance, the product packaging looks very cool. The company has an on-site graphic designer who has created some of the best looking graphics I've ever seen in a network marketing company. Ximo will have the "cool factor" that isn't seen in the average prelaunch network marketing company.

The corporate ownership:

Ximo Health Owner Erik LaverXimo Health is owned by Erik Laver - a 20 year veteran of the network marketing industry. Laver started his Network Marketing career in 1992 with a nutritional company called E'OLA International. He soon become their highest income earner and eventually served as Presidential Director.

Between 1992 and 2003 he formed a downline organization that consisted of more than a half a million distributors, which collectively produced 25-50 million dollars in sales annually. While he was with E'OLA he also authored a hardcover book, The Missing Piece to the Weight Loss Puzzle, which sold over 12,500 copies.

In 2003 Erik Laver co-founded and served as President of SendOutCards. During 2003 SendOutCards produced just over $100,000 in revenue, and five years later, by the end of 2008, the same company was producing over $41 million dollars annually, consisted of 50,000 distributors, and had 100,000 active customers.

In 2009 Erik Laver was a finalist in the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur Of The Year. Also in 2009, Inc. Magazine listed SendOutCards as #158 in both the top 500 Fastest Growing Companies and the Best of the Websites.

Based on Laver's track record with his two prior network marketing companies, it is my opinion Ximo Health is not just another flash in the pan start-up.

The millions Laver earned in the past two decades in network marketing have given him the capital necessary to ensure Ximo Health is built for long-term stability. Laver owns his own office space and has already hired an experienced customer service director who has worked with him previously.

Since November 1, 2010, Laver has poured capital into research and development on improving every aspect of the company.

Value and ease of duplication:

Ximo GraphicsThe third factor in my evaluation of Ximo Health as the best new network marketing company for 2011 is the value that the company offers customers and distributors.

In today's day and age of $150-200 autoships of the latest berry juice just recently discovered from exotic island, Ximo Health is a refreshingly low-cost, low-hype opportunity.

Presently Ximo Golden Energy is available for $.50 a serving in a 16 oz. bottle. There are no mandatory monthly autoship requirements, and the company pays dollar for dollar on volume.

There are no fees to sign-up during the launch, and all it takes to become a distributor is to order one 15 bottle case of Golden Energy at a paltry sum of $60. That's 120 servings of Golden Energy - extreme value.

The ease of duplication comes by way of the fact that this product flat out delivers. The marketing plan is among the most simple in the country. Those who sample the most ... win. The product works so well, that all one has to do is share it with others. Not only is it so effective, it costs a fraction of what its competitors' products do in stores. It's a win for anyone who drinks energy drinks, coffee or soda.

In addition to sharing the product with others, there is also great support from the company and many of its top distributors. There is a weekly corporate call where owner Laver shares the exciting updates as he builds this new company as well as his expertise as a 20-year industry veteran. According to Laver the company doubled it's sales from November 2010 to December 2010 and is attracting the attention of networkers across the country.

In conclusion, I've chosen three criteria for why I believe Ximo Health to be the best new network marketing company for 2011. From it's one-of-kind product and experienced leadership to its sheer value and easily duplicatable system, I believe the company has the brightest future of any new company at this moment.

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About the Author

Rob Wynkoop is a former Marine journalist turned network marketer. His goal is to be a MLM Leader that rises above the noise of the crowd and develop quality team members.

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