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Latin-American company that markets three lines of cosmetics and skin care through direct sales.
Industry:  Beauty and Personal Care, Direct Sales

Av. Canaval y Moreyra 480
San Isidro, Lima CP 0000
Phone: (51 1) 211 3300

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About Belcorp

Belcorp, founded in Lima, Peru, in 1987, is a cosmetics company.  With corporate sales of $600 million worldwide, they are present in 11 Latin American countries, the third largest cosmetic company in Latin America.  Three product lines are marketed:  L’Bel Paris, Esika, and Cyzone.  Products including facial and body treatments, make-up, fragrances, personal care products, and well-being products are sold directly to customers by a network of 650,000 independent beauty consultants and counselors who use the company’s catalogues.

Belcorp’s employees number over 8,000 in 15 different countries. 




Belcorp Products

Belcorp has three distinct brands: L’Bel, Esika, and Cyzone.  These brands cover four categories of cosmetics: fragrances, facial and body treatment, makeup, and personal care. 

Ligne Experte
Ligne Experte is  marketed as an intensive repairing shampoo for extremely damaged hair due to the use of hair dryers, irons, and/or chemicals.  The company claims this product repairs the hair fiber, fortifies its structure, and revitalizes maltreated and/or brittle hair. 

Regression Body
The company claims that Regression prevents the first signs of aging by wrapping the body in a hydroelastic film that protects and moisturizes the skin, helping it recover its elasticity and reduce evaporation and dryness.

The company calls this product “maximum innovation in softness for your skin.”  They state that Divenesse feels like cashmere and helps produce visibly beautiful skin through Hydra Sublime Effect Technology which includes liquid silicone that melts on contact with the skin, giving it a  radiant appearance and the sense of immediate moisturization.

Essential Moisturizing Softening Lotion Toner
This product, part of the company’s facial regimen, completes a recommended skin care  routine and moisturizes the skin with the Fleur de Pivoine, (in all Essential products). 

Clarifique Dermo Radiance Day
This moisturizer is suggested to be applied in the morning, to slow melanin production caused by exposure to sunlight, which generates new skin spots and accentuates existing spots.  .

Under-eye Circle Concealer and Eyelid Primer This product is a compact cream with a matte finish, and claims that its two formulas (concealer and eye makeup primer) result in eye makeup that lasts a long time, without puffiness, under-eye circles, or wrinkles. It comes in three shades: light, medium, and medium-dark.

Couleur Luxe Incomparable XP
This product, part of the company’s Couleur Luxe line of mascaras, is claimed to be smudge-proof and easily removable with just warm water.  It boasts an innovative brush with long and short bristles to help coat the lashes from root to tip.  It is available in three shades.

Extra-Moisturizing Lipstick with Intense Color
According to the company, this lipstick contains an extra-moisturizing formula  which penetrates deeply into the lips for immediate moisture and a youthful appearance. 

Vernis Tendance
The company markets this product as long-lasting nail polish that strengthens nails.  It has a professional flat brush for simple application, which helps achieve a thicker coat and better coverage on the nails.  It comes in seven shades.

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Belcorp Headquarters:  San Isidro, Lima, Peru

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