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The Elevation Group™

A financial education company offering unique wealth-generating and wealth protection strategies
Industry:  Information and Education, Finance and Money

300 W. 6th Street #2200
Austin, TX 78701
United States
Phone: (512) 686-8384

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About The Elevation Group

Founded in 2010 by Mike Dillard, the Elevation Group is a membership program that promotes unique wealth generation and protection strategies not available through traditional financial advisors or college courses.

Dillard’s reasons for founding the company hinge on the fact that most people have limited choice about handling their own finances and limit their investments to traditional banks, retirement plans, and advice from financial planners or stock brokers.  For that reason, the average person is affected by shifts in the economy at large – gaining in good times and losing in bad.

The Elevation Group promises to deliver access to knowledge and resources previously unavailable to average investors that will protect their assets and create sources of continuous cash flow.  In addition, the Elevation Group offers education about basic economics, to help customers understand the inner workings of the world economy and make wise choices with their money.

Membership into The Elevation Group is offered at a monthly rate or can be paid for the whole year with a discount of 60%. However, if you Mike Dillard’s 90-minute presentation, members can elect to sign up with a 50% discount off the monthly rate and receive a risk free 30 day membership during which they can review the information provided within the online “diary” and determine whether to continue their membership.

The Elevation Group Services

Dillard’s The Elevation Group offers an educational resource for managing personal finances and protecting wealth in a bad economy. Members learn about the economic events that affect the value of the dollar, and how to proactively protect themselves from loss

The company promises to show its members how to invest their money like the wealthy do, even if they have limited investment capital.  The Elevation Group offers a “private rolodex” of exclusive financial contacts usually available to the very wealthy.

Membership is offered risk free with a 30-day money back guarantee, and can be paid monthly; or, if paid annually, a discount of 60% is offered.

The Elevation Group Membership
The Elevation Group connects its members to experienced business owners, knowledgeable investors, bankers, valuable links, and many other resources that educate and empower members to create sources of income that provide continuous cash flow. The information provided is based on historical evidence of past economic events.  Members will learn how to strategically open bank accounts, incorporate their businesses, protect their assets, and make investments that are virtually unaffected by the onset of a bad economy.


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The Elevation Group Headquarters:  Austin, Texas
United States

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