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Firm International®

Marketer of women's and men's shaping undergarments.
Industry:  MLM, Beauty and Personal Care, Direct Sales, Other

United States
Phone: 1-877-252-6574

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About Firm International

Firm International is a marketer of men’s and women’s shaping undergarments.  It was founded in Mexico by Flora Irma Partida in 1995, on Valentine’s Day.  Based on media attention, Firm International was able to expand to the United States, opening a branch office in Miami, and positioned itself for remarkable growth in 1996 throughout Latin America.  The company began distributing its products through multilevel marketing in 2001, and in  2002, Firm International opened branch offices in New York and Costa Rica.  The company currently is poised for expansion to Europe.

 Products are sold directly by distributors, or over the internet with a distributor’s ID number.

Firm International Products

Firm International sells a variety of shaping garments including bras, girdles, swimsuits, pajamas and maternity wear, and also offers shaping products for men.  In addition, the company offers a “portable sauna,” and a variety of slimming creams.

Designed to dramatically reduce the waistline and control the abdomen, Firm International claims this product provides an instant reduction of  up to two dress sizes.

This women’s body shaper is designed to define the waistline, hips, and lower abdomen while providing back support.  

Firm Bra
With a unique, scientific design, Firm International claims this bra can enhance posture while providing support and comfort, and can be used to create an augmented or reduced shape.

Comfort Man
This all-in-one undergarment for men is designed to correct posture, support the abdomen and internal organs, support the breath, and prevent umbilical hernia, while providing a slimmer, more toned look.

Firm Swimsuit
Offered seasonally, Firm Swimsuits are designed to enhance and correct women’s figures.  Firm International claims it helps diminish the look of fat, supports the abdomen, lifts the backside and bosom, and reduces the waistline.

Portable Sauna
The Portable Sauna is a zippered enclosure that can be set up anywhere.  Firm International markets it for detoxification and relief of arthritis, as well as for its skin conditioning benefits.  A sauna vaporizer is sold separately.

Reduc Shock Treatment
Marketed as “two products in one gel,” this treatment is designed to enhance skin firmness and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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