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Genesis PURE™

Developer and marketer of nutritional supplements and personal care products.
Industry:  MLM, Health and Nutrition
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772 East Utah Valley Drive Suite 388
American Fork, UT 84003
United States
Phone: 801 492 5888

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About Genesis PURE

Genesis PURE was launched in October 2009, and was founded by Dr. Lindsey Duncan and Dae Geun Jung. In 2008 GoYin, a company that developed products based on Asian traditional medicine, was bought and merged with Genesis PURE. Daren Hogge, the founder and CEO of GoYin, is currently President of Genesis PURE.

Genesis PURE develops and sells nutritional and energy supplements. These are divided into three groups: cleanse, balance and build. According to marketing material when the cleanse, balance and build formula is applied to the human body, a optimal health is achieved. 

Genesis PURE has farms where several of the ingredients used are grown and harvested according to the company's high standards. The Açaí farm is located in the western Brazilian Amazon rain forest. The Mangosteen farm is in the jungles of Thailand. The Noni farm is in Hawaii, and the Goji farm is in Mongolia.

Genesis Pure has offices in the United States and Seoul, South Korea.


Genesis PURE Products

Genesis PURE products are marketed in a holistic system called "Cleanse, Balance and Build.”

The Cleanse products help restore the vigor and vitality lost to toxicity. by cleansing, detoxifying and renewing cells and organs. The Balance products help by providing antioxidants, mood enhancers and energy. The Build products enhance the body's immunity, strength, mood and energy levels by providing a daily supply of essential nutrients. When the "Cleanse, Balance and Build" products are taken together, GenesisPURE claims they complement each other and maximize health.

Liquid Cleanse
Liquid Cleanse, a 100% vegetarian product,  helps to detoxify cells and organs by working on the body's channels of elimination. Its ingredients include several cleansing herbs, like aloe vera, yellow dock root, gentian, wasabi, burdock root, and uva ursi leaf, promoting healthy bowel function. 

GoYin is nutritional energy beverage based on principles of Asian traditional medicine. It is made with 20 fruits, super fruits and herbs. It is marketed to reduce tension and fatigue, increase vitality and healthy energy, and balance the body.

Cell Water
Cell Water claims to deliver nutrients, enzymes and oxygen directly into the cells because of its ability to pass through cell walls. It is marketed  to remove accumulated toxic buildup in the cells, and claims an anti-aging effect.

Nutrition is a liquid nutritional supplement containing pure noni juice, amino acids, antioxidants and herbs. In every ounce there are more than 200 nutrients to support proper nutrition, healthy aging, immune system function, high energy levels, and healthy skin and hair. 

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Genesis PURE Headquarters:  American Fork, Utah
United States

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