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Jafra Cosmetics®

Marketer of skin care, spa, and fragrance products and cosmetics.
Industry:  Beauty and Personal Care, Direct Sales
Website:  http://www.jafra.com
Press Releases:  http://www.jafra.com/corporate/public/news

2451 Townsgate Rd
Westlake Village , CA 91361.
United States
Phone: 1-805449-3000

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About Jafra

Subsidiary of 2.181 billion euro German firm Vorwerk Group, Jafra cosmetics was started in 1956 by Jan and Frank Day in Malibu California. The name Jafra was formed by taking the first letters from each of their first names. Jafra markets skin care products using the party plan.  

Royal Jelly Milk Balm Moisture Lotion was the first product marketed by the couple, and is still one of Jaffra’s most popular products. Jafra’s current product line offers a wide range of skin care products, spa products, color products and fragrances. 

Jafra became a global company after it was acquired by Gillette in 1973, and showed further growth when Clayton, Dubilier and Rice Inc. invested in it in 1998. Jafra was acquired by Vorwerk n March 2004. Vorwerk is a German firm established in 1883, and is an international direct seller of home and personal care products in more than 58 countries worldwide. 

With 50,000 representatives in 22 countries, Jafra cosmetics deploys party plan sales to sell its products in the United States, Brazil, Chile, Austria, Colombia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Mexico, Norway, Puerto Rico, Peru, Slovenia, Russian Federation, Switzerland and Sweden. 

Jafra Cosmetics International is a member of the Direct Selling Association.

Jafra Products

Jafra Cosmetics International markets products for men, women, teenagers, and children, and its products include skin care, cosmetics, vitamin supplements, home spa sets, and nail care.  

Royal Body Collection
Jafra body care products are developed using all natural botanical ingredients, and are marketed for their ability to moisturize and protect the skin from dryness and environmental damage. Natural oil essences are used as fragrance in all body care products

Royal Jelly
The first of Jafra’s products, it is still among its best sellers. Known as a sacred youth elixir by the Egyptians, royal jelly is manufactured by Jafra using the same ancient technique, but includes special ingredients developed by the company’s Swiss and French laboratories. Royal Jelly contains sirtuin activators to help retard skin aging, cellspan complex, a blend of antioxidant rich herbal extracts, myrtle extracts and sunflower sprouts.

Dynamics Intelligent Skin Care
Dynamic intelligent skin care products include creams and lotions crafted specially for different skin types. Intellishield is combines 4 complexes with herbal extracts to help protect the skin.   Hydration Dynamics is a product for dry and mature skin, and is claimed to strengthen, moisturize and heal the skin with a proprietary hydrasmart complex combined with herbal and botanical blends. Balance Dynamics is a product for combination or normal skin.  Control Dynamics is a product range for oily skin.

Color Line
A complete range of eye care, nail care and cosmetic products combining vitamins, botanicals and antioxidants with micronized pigments and jet milled powders are formulated to help create a flawless look.

Unique Fragrances
Jafra fragrances are created by well-known European designers using high quality ingredients.

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Jafra Headquarters:  Westlake Village, California
United States

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