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2009 – $165.6 Million in Revenue

2008 - $105.5 Million in Revenue

2007 - $83.8 Million in Revenue

2006 - $74.1 Million in Revenue

2005 - $40.1 Million in Revenue

2004 – $27 Million in Revenue

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Medifast, Inc.™/℠

Marketer of weight loss and weight management products.
Industry:  MLM, Health and Nutrition, Weight Loss
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11445 Cronhill Dr.
Owings Mills, MD 21117
United States
Phone: 410-581-8042

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About Medifast

Medifast, Inc. sells weight management and nutritional supplements direct to consumers through network marketing and through doctors via prescription. The company also operates Medifast Weight Control Centers, which combine the Medifast products with personalized coaching. The company was started in 1980 by William Vitale, M.D who first sold a low calorie meal replacement product through doctors who prescribed them to their patients. Today, the company’s product offerings have expanded to include foods and nutritional supplements. Medifast, Inc. is composed of five subsidiaries, Jason Pharmaceuticals, Take Shape for Life, Inc., Jason Enterprises, Inc. Jason Properties, LLC and Seven Crondall, LLC.

Medifast Products

Medifast sells a line of weight loss products and services to help people manage their weight.

Medifast Weight Control Center
Counselling centers similar to Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers help customers put on a Medifast weight loss plan by measuring the dieter’s body using a proprietary tool called InBody. InBody is claimed to measure weight, skeletal muscle mass, body fat and overall fat %, water balance, and muscle development. Dieters meet with health counselors and discuss their goals and challenges with the program.

Medifast Meal Replacement Shakes
These meal replacement shakes are made with soy, prepared by mixing with water. The product is lists 11 grams of protein and 25 essential vitamins and minerals. This product can be taken alone or included with the company’s 5 & 1 weight lost plan.

Medifast Maintenance Bars
This is a snack bar to be consumed during the maintenance phase of a Medifast weight loss program. The bars come in 3 flavors and contain a variety of vitamins and minerals. Dieters may eat one of these bars instead of a Medifast meal.

Medifast Super Omega-3
This is a nutritional supplement made from fish oil. It is claimed to reduce chronic inflammation in the body as well as provide healthy heart benefits. It contains EPA and DHA and is claimed to protect against heart disease, high cholesterol, asthma, diabetes, RA, and some cancers. It is also claimed to be an appetite supressant.

Medifast Blender
This is a proprietary blender that mixes Medifast shakes. The blender can be used to make hot or cold drinks, as well as chop ice. It includes 4 large and 2 small blender cups, strainer lids and a recipe guide.

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Medifast Headquarters:  Owings Mills, Maryland
United States

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