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Sportron International

Developer and marketer of nutritional supplements and healthcare products.
Industry:  MLM, Health and Nutrition, Home Products and Services
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2 Eaton Ave P.O. Box 68068
Bryanston, TX
United States
Phone: 011 317 8300

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About Sportron

Sportron International was founded in 1992 by Keith Arding and Dr. Alan Tomlinson in Dallas, Texas. In 1993 Sportron launched in South Africa, Canada and Mexico.  Sportron develops and sells several products, ranging from nutritional supplements to household cleaning products.

Sportron’s nutritional supplements are specially made with a technology called FoodState, based on the work of Andrew Szalay, a Hungarian scientist who discovered processes to concentrate micronutrients into food complexes. Sporton is one of the only companies in the world to have permission to use this technology. The advantage of using the FoodState technology is that the complexes are absorbed and digested as if they were real food. 

Sportron International operates in Thailand, China, Cambodia, South Africa, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Anguilla, Bahamas, Jamaica, St. Marteen, the United States and Canada.


Sportron Products

Sportron International products are divided into several lines:

  1. Nutricare Range, supplements that provide for daily nutritional needs
  2. Sportron Performance Nutrition, nutritional supplements that help maximize energy levels 
  3. Personal Care Range, a line of products that nourish and protect the body and the skin
  4. Homecare Range, cleaning products that are specially designed to be biodegradable and non-toxic
  5. Weight Management Range, nutritional supplements designed to help weight loss
  6. Lifestyle Events, including the Sportron Convention or In The Pink, a tea party
  7. Derma-active Range, a line of skincare products

Ultragard Forté
Ultragard Forté is a daily nutritional supplement, part of the Nutricare Range line of products. It combines the FoodState and Phytocology technologies to deliver a supplement that gives the body all the vitamins and minerals it needs daily. It is designed to improve the immune system and boost energy.

Phytogard is a nutritional supplement specially designed to restore a compromised immune system. According to the marketing material it improves immune competency, retards the progression of disease and improves life quality. Each capsule contains FoodState blended vitamin A and B12, zinc, selenium, n-acetyl cysteine, betasitosterol and alpha lipoic acid.

Stoke Carbo-Load gel
Stoke Carbo-Load gel is one of the Sportron Performance Nutrition products. It is a combination of long and short chain carbohydrates which claims to help athletes with carbo-loading, allowing for maximized storage of glycogen in the muscles, ideal for endurance events lasting longer than 90 minutes (like marathons). This product also claims to delay the onset of fatigue. Its ingredients are glycophos, maltodextrin, arnica montana D6, sodium benzoate, ferrum phosphate D6, potassium sorbate, water and honey.

Inferno Metabolism Optimizer
Inferno Metabolism Optimizer is a nutritional supplement marketed to burn stored fat for energy while mobilizing fat cells, helping to maintain ideal body fat, manage weight and aid metabolism. Its ingredients are FoodState blended Vitamin B5 and chromium GTF, L-tyrosine, green tea extract, garcinia cambogia, L-carnitine, cayenne, ginger root powder and forskolin.

Slimplex is one of the Weight Management Range products, a nutritional supplement designed to help lose weight and fat. It includes Svetol, an ingredient clinically proven to have a weight reducing effect, combined with FoodState technology. It claims to balance blood sugar and burn fat, increase the metabolism, cut down water retention and suppress the appetite.

Unisex Deodorant Spray
Unisex Deodorant Spray is one of the Personal Care products. Its antibacterial agents neutralize odor with a gentle perfume. It has a conditioning and moisturizing effect on the skin and protects without the damaging effects of an antiperspirant. It does not contain zirconium or aluminium. 

Marina Spa
Marina Spa is one of the Derma-active products. It is added to bath water to recreate a spa experience. It is invigorating, it is a skin tonic, it is exfoliating, it protects against dry skin, and it relaxes skin muscles and promotes skin health. Ingredients include seaweed and calendula, jojoba, rosemary and avocado oil.

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