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Vitamin Power, Incorporated®

Specializes in marketing high quality nutritional supplements
Industry:  Direct Sales, Health and Nutrition

39 Saint Mary's Place
Freeport, NY 11520
United States
Phone: 1-800-645-6567

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About Vitamin Power

Vitamin Power, Incorporated was established in 1975.  It markets a range of health and wellness products through independent distributors, health professionals, retailers, and online.  Vitamin Power specializes in high quality nutritional supplements.  Distributors earn money on product markup of 100% or more, while maintaining competitive prices for the consumer.

Vitamin Power Products

Vitamin Power Inc. has an extensive product range in the following categories:  vitamin and mineral supplements, energy and vitality products, men’s and women’s health supplements, nutritional hair and skin care, sports nutrition, weight management, mental performance, and herbal supplements.  The company supervises the formulation, manufacturing and packaging of its products in the United States, and complies with U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP).  The only animal product used in any of their formulations is gelatin, used in the manufacture of capsules.  Their products are also free of starch, yeast, wheat, artificial preservatives or coloring.

Products are marketed via retail, direct sales, and online. The company stresses quality nutritional products and supplements at affordable prices, rewarding its distributors with markups of 100% or more. 

Acai Berry Concentrate Complex
This supplement contains the juice, pulp and puree of the acai berry, reported to be among the most powerful antioxidant “super foods” on the market.  In addition, it contains Omega 6- and 9 essential fatty acids, vitamin B complex, and minerals.

Grape Seed Extract
This is an anti-oxidant supplement suggested to help support the immune system, promotiehealthy skin, brain, and eyes, help improve mental alertness, and protect the body’s cells from the damage of free radicals.  Vitamin Power’s Grape Seed Extract also contains herbal and plant-based anti-oxidants from green tea, radish, kale, and carotenes.

Vitamin Power L-Carnitine is a supplement used to transform fatty acids into energy within cells, helping cells eliminate toxins, enhancing the body’s immune functions, and helping the body burn fat more efficiently.

Vitamin Power’s Natra-Doze is a natural nutritional sleep aid marketed to promote healthier, more restful sleep using specific nutrients such as pantothenic acid, calcium, magnesium, and inositol, in addition to plant based nutrients from chamomile, valerian root and passion flower.

Power Source 100
This daily multivitamin and mineral supplement contains phytonutrients, digestive enzymes, herbs, and bioflavonoids from over 100 different whole-food and herbal nutrients.  It is designed to provide complete vitamin supplementation.

Ultra Flush Vitamin Power’s Ultra Flush is a dietary supplement designed for internal cleansing, using multiple fibers from seeds, herbs and vegetables. Ingredients include oat bran, psyllium husks, kelp, carrot, papaya, ginger, garlic, Swiss chard and kale. Benefits suggested include improved metabolic efficiency, increased energy, diminished bloating and gas, and better utilization and absorption of nutrients.

Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM
These supplements are recommended to help nourish muscles, ligaments and joints; help alleviate pain and stiffness of joints, ligaments and muscles, and help rebuild connective tissue.  It is an anti-inflammatory designed to improve the overall health of joints.


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United States

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