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Marketer of health and nutrition and household products.
Industry:  MLM, Direct Sales, Health and Nutrition, Home Products and Services
Website:  http://www.vollara.com/

5420 LBJ Freeway Suite 1010
Dallas, TX 75340-9601
United States
Phone: 800\989-2299

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About Vollara

Vollara is a product-based company in health and nutrition.  Formerly known as EcoQuest International, and based in Dallas, Texas, Vollara, a Latin word meaning “to fly,” formally changed its name in January 2010.  According to the Vollara website, with tens of millions of dollars invested in the industry and a core group of experienced executives, Vollara has a presence in twenty-two countries and five continents.

Although Vollara is new in the health and wellness product industry, its roots go back to 1924, with its parent company, Electrolux.  It provides people with direct sales or network marketing opportunities with what they claim are high-quality, environmentally-friendly products and technologies.  At the current time, Vollara has over 500 distributors. 

It is Vollara’s goal to become the best company in the health and wellness industry.  It has embraced some core values, and strives to remain true to them: stewardship for its people and for the planet; the commitment to helping customers and employees to have healthy lives; living the concepts of fairness, integrity, and truth; embracing science and the scientific method; respecting the protective laws and regulations of governments; creating a future of abundance for all citizens of the world; and having a deep sense of responsibility towards the generations that follow us.  Its business strategies and product ranges attempt to confirm these values.

Vollara Products

Vollara markets products that claim to enrich and nurture its customers.  Its products offer complete health choices—choices to purify and enrich the air we breathe, the surfaces we touch, and the water we drink.   

Vollara’s RE:Shape system consists of four of its products, RE:Place, RE:Activate, RE:Duce, and RE:Cleanse, designed to work together to provide appetite control, increased energy, motivation, and health for those who want to lose weight or maintain their weight loss.

According to Vollara, RE-Vive, a wild berry flavored fizz drink, is a natural supplement that boots energy, elevates mental focus, and improves health without the unwanted side effects that come with most stimulants and drugs.  It is mixed with water, so it is easy and convenient.  It also contains vitamins, enzymes, and extracts (including natural sources of caffeine like taurine and guarana seed extract, bacopa monnieri extract, and ginkgo biloba) that are claimed to support the immune system and maintain overall well-being.

FreshAir Surround
FreshAir Surround is an air purifier for the home. The company claims that it destroys odors, eliminates smoke, and reduces allergy- and asthma-causing contaminants ordinary cleaning is unable to accomplish. Negatively charged ions remove pollutants from the air, much like the natural processes found in thunderstorms, sunlight, and lightning. This product is the core of Vollara’s total protection package for whole-home environmental conditioning.

FreshAir Box Pearl
The FreshAir Box Pearl is a portable pollutant and odor-eliminating unit. The user places this product on any surface where mildew and contaminants need to be eliminated, and to contain and reduce odors at the source.

FreshAir To Go
FreshAir To Go is a portable, pocket-sized air sanitizer that provides clean and healthy air by removing dust and dirt in the car, truck, R.V., or camper. It combines high intensity UVC lighting with a state-of-the-art filtering process.

FreshAir Buddy FreshAir Buddy is a wearable air sanitizer. Vollara claims that this product’s built-in ionizer attracts free-roaming particles around the wearer and removes nearby allergens and pollutants. It is also claimed to generate high intensity ion streams that add charges to nearby airborne particles that repel each other and adheres to surfaces out of the wearer’s breathing zone.

LivingWater Essentials C7
According to Vollara, LivingWater Essentials C7 filters tap water, removing toxins and creating pH-balanced, healthy alkaline water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. It is supposed to do this without the use of chemicals and requires no special plumbing.

Vollara claims that LaundryPure infuses cold water with oxygen, peroxides, and other gases to bubble and lift dirt and grime from cloth fibers, with no hot water and very little laundry soap. It is also claimed to help save both energy and money. Reducing detergent decreases the amount of residue and abrasives that weigh down clothes and wear out fabrics. It reduces the home’s weekly demand on the household water heater, and helps the environment by using less harmless detergent and hot water.

According to Vollara, SteadyPower provides a cost-effective, single-installation way to protect the home from electrical surges and spikes while conditioning incoming electricity to optimize power and reduce static-causing line noise. It is claimed to prevent damage to TVs, stereos, computers, security systems, and other expensive electronics. It does this by diverting them to the neutral/ground line. Finally, the company claims that this product improves the power factor of most home appliances, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and washers and dryers, making them operate more effectively, even when not operating at full capacity.

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Vollara Headquarters:  Dallas, Texas
United States

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