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Waiora Corporation®

Marketer of nutritional products to cleanse and detoxify the system.
Industry:  MLM, Health and Nutrition
Website:  http://www.waiora.com
Official Blog:  http://waioraglobal.blogspot.com/
Press Releases:  http://www.waibuzz.com

791 Park of Commerce
Boca Raton, FL
United States
Phone: 1-866-MY-WAIORA 1-866-699-2467

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About Waiora

Waiora was founded by Eddie Stone and Stan Cherelstein in Boca Raton, Florida in 2004. Together they share 130 years of experience in direct selling and healthcare. Waiora offers anti aging products, cleansing teas and detoxifying formulas.  Waiora products are based on the philosophy that before providing your body with nutritional supplements you need to prepare it through detoxification. They offer than 30 products, most of them targeting baby boomers. 

Through its growing network of distributors, Waiora products are sold not only in the Untied States, but also in Japan, Canada, Australia, Macau, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore and Philippines, with plans to expand into Korea and Taiwan.

Waiora Products

Waiora offers more than 30 anti aging, skin care and cleansing products developed using natural ingredients and manufactured using environmentally safe processes.

Zeolite-Natural Cellular Defense
A volcanic rock, zeolite has been used traditionally in powdered form to treat various illnesses in Asia.  A negatively charged mineral, it acts as a magnet to attract toxins. Zeolite promises to remove heavy metals and other chemical toxins, promoting a healthier immune system and balanced pH levels.

Cardio Health Pack
This group of products includes vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and a fiber-rich drink that contains plant sterols, and claims to reduce LDL Cholesterol absorption, increase flexibility of blood vessel, fight plaque in arteries, and promote a healthy circulation.

Agarigold with H1X1
This product contains Agaricus Blazei, a hybrid mushroom, and Sasa Bamboo leaf extract, both of which are said to combine 100 nutrients and antioxidants.  The product is marketed to strengthen the immune system, improve digestion, control blood sugar, and provide an energy boost while supporting good health.   

Waifit Weight Management
This kit is marketed as a healthy weight loss solution promising results by flushing out toxins, enhancing fat burning processes and providing a low calorie, protein-rich meal replacement.   The kit consists of WaFit meal replacements, WaFit Burn, WaFit Cleanse, and WaFit Block, packaged for 30-day consumption

Waiora Personal Care
Waiora’s Skincent Solution contains vitamins, minerals and natural herbs, free of fragrances and parabens, and laboratory tested by dermatologists. The system consists of a 4-stage skincare regimen, to clean, exfoliate, nourish and pamper the skin.  Products include Cleansing Facial Gel, Facial Cleanser, Firming Face Mask, Regenerating Wrinkle Treatment, and Revitalizing Facial Serum.  Waiora also has a body care line that includes Balancing Body Cleanser, Hydrating Body Butter, Exfoliating Scrub, and Moisturizing Lotion.

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Waiora Headquarters:  Boca Raton, Florida
United States

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