MyVideo WebShow Is Ustream On Steroids!

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Get Your Own WebShow With My Video Talk

My Video Talk keeps the good things coming! In November 2010 they released "My Video WebShow" way ahead of schedule. As I write this My Video Talk is still in pre-launch, which still blows my mind, because it operates like a well oiled machine. Wait, it is lol My Video Talk is new in America, its biggest market, but has 9 years of service overseas.

The lastest tool is this amazing suite of services is My Video WebShow which is like Ustream on steriods; and not to mention you get a commission for referrals. Ustream doesn't give a commission for referrals does it?

Unlike Ustream there aren't any annoying Google ads on your live or recorded videos and you have the ability to brand yourself to a greater degree. Although you can have a custom backgroud on Ustream, you don't have the option to have a clickable banner that will send traffic to your site, capture page or blog. You do have this ability with My Video WebShow.

So if you've ever wanted your on TV show, now you don't have to audition for Oprah's network and you can go live or pre-record shows and even schedule them. You can demo products, stream hotel & home meetings or just have fun with your WebShow. Or you can have a 24/7 infomercial about your company, products and services. The possibilities are truly limitless.

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Aesha Christian
Work From Home/Internet Marketing Expert

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About MVT

Good Afternoon Aesha,

Hope you're doing well. I want to say before I get going that I have arrangements wth someone to get MVT from them and I'm going to honor that. The reason I'm contacting you is that I'm doing my homework.

My questions are simple: In what ways has MVT helped you, your primary business and has it had a positive impact for you financially. NOT asking you to share your personal business, just impact!

Thank you for your time attention to my message.

Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson — Sat, 01/22/2011 - 2:17pm

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