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Hi Folks

This has been one of the most crazy stories from MyVideoTalk I am bringing to you …

I just got a chance to get on line with a new rockstar couple from U.S Toby And Layla who have joined MyVideoTalk this week only and in the last 72 hours they have already reached 2 Star P.C , recruited over 37 people in their first 24 hours and while it is still wednesday morning in U.S , their check has already crossed over $$7000 and theirs teams have exploded to over 180+ reps all happening in their first week of joining….

This is what we call massive action ….

Here is a 18 minute short audio interview for you in which they reveal their success secrets…

Make Sure To Implement the massive action techniques which they share…

Also Don’t Forget to share this with your entire team as this is the kind of information we want everybody in our teams to hear……


Ankur Agarwal

Skype : malemachine

Facebook : mlmguruankur

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They are Amazing!

Yes! i know of them, and have the luck to see them in person! Great couple! and they deserve it all!

Timothy Willan — Wed, 03/09/2011 - 3:10pm

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