MyVideoTalk Top Earner Ankur Agarwal - Interviewed By Daegan Smith

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Hey Folks

In Dec ,09 I was interviewed By Mr.Daegan Smith on my success in MyVideoTalk......

It was a full blown interview which went on for about 51 minutes and in words of Mr.Daegan 

"I will flat out say that this interview is THE best interview I’ve ever conducted. The reason is, it’s not me hanging out with some guru it’s a network marketer just like you and I who’s really knocked it out of the park. The crazy part about this what you’ll learn in this training is the strategy you’re about to discover, wins you friends across the globe, let’s you recruit 33% of the people you talk about, and works even if no one you ever recruit even has a credit card. The most profoundly insightful grilling session I’ve ever conducted. This strategy that my special guest Ankur allows you generate extremely cheap leads at obscene profit levels. “From 0 To 33,000 In Your Team, Recruiting 33% Of Your Prospects All The Way, In Less Than Two Years From Scratch Even If You THEY Don’t Have A Credit Card” Listen to this NOW - It will change the way you think about your business Forever!" 

You Can Verify This Here At

Normally This interview is not available anywhere but to reps of myvideotalk , I would like to provide an insider access to it..

Grab it here at


Ankur Agarwal

Top Earner - MyVideoTalk 

Skype : malemachine

Facebook : mlmguruankur


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