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Have you heard?

SendOutCards did it again! Better yet, they absolutely outdid themselves this a BIG way!

Acting on your prompting and sending a card to someone you care about is an awesome way to express the way you feel and put a smile on somebody elses face.

But sometimes a card just isn't enough.

What do you do when there are feelings that are ginormous, hurts that are so heart-wrenching that nothing seems good enough to soothe them, or events that are ablsolutly huge? What if you want to make a really BIG impression?

You Super-Size it by sending a BIG card!

That's exactly what SendOutCards just did. Today they launched a new product called the BIG Card.

Now when you want to see BIG smiles or want to show someone how your really feel and how much you appreciate them you just send a BIG Card.

Which will make a BIG impression and create BIG smiles.

Top 10 Reasons to Send a BIG Card

Reason #10
Grandma needs BIG help

Reason #9
You screwed up BIG

Reason #8
He deserves a BIG congratulations

Reason #7
The grandkids need a BIG thank you

Reason #6
He needs a BIG hint

Reason #5
She needs a BIG hint

Reason #4
You want it to look bigger than it really is

Reason #3
It's a BIG event

Reason #2
It's a BIG announcement

Reason #1
Because they deserve it!

 Now, if those weren't reason's enough, Cody Bateman CEO of SendOutCards  shared even more reasons on his special broadcast today.... 

When Does It Really Matter To Send A BIG Card?

"When Value Really Matters ...send a BIG Card"

"When the Message Really Matters ...send a BIG Card"

"When Memories Really Matter...send a BIG Card"

"When Your Image Really Matters ...send a BIG Card"

" When an Impact Really Matters ...send a BIG Card"

"When Someone Special Really Matters...send them a BIG Card"

Reasons enough for me.

I'm off to send my very first BIG card to someone special :)

Ilka Flood
Office: 303.840.7470


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