Congratulations to the Newest Eagles

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Bob and Betty Ann Golden Go Eagle!
It’s official, Bob and Betty Ann Golden are SendOutCards’ newest Eagle Distributorship! Since joining SendOutCards in 2005, this amazing power couple has built an outstanding organization of over 10,000 strong, and is continuing to grow every day.
Bob and Betty Ann are the perfect example of dedication, perseverance and determination, and we look forward to watching their growth as they continue to build their SendOutCards business for many years to come.
We'd also like to congratulate SendOutCards' newest Executive, Rob Marshall! Rob rank advanced to Executive at 4:30 p.m. (PT) on November 19, 2010 which was the final push for Bob and Betty Ann to reach Eagle.
Congratulations to our new Eagle Distributorship Bob and Betty Ann Golden, and to our newest Executive Rob Marshall!

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