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A while back I posted a video that suggested to all of our viewers the importance of being in a company during the "Momentum" Stage.  Prior to the posting of the Video, I started to feel all of the momentum leaving my previous company.  Though I heard all of our leaders talk about a supposed "2nd Wave" It was very easy to see the facts....no one was moving up in our area,matter of fact everyone was moving backwards.

As a leader, I have a unique responsibility to not only my family but the families of thousands of people.  With this in mind I began to look for a home that gave our group the best possible chance to fulfill their dreams and deepest desires.  Though it was a bit of a risk, I found a small company that had a phenomenal product and an amazing compensation plan called XOWii which I truly felt gave our group the best shot possible at fulfilling their dreams.

I'm happy to say that Businessforhome.org, the industries leaders in data collection just released their "MLM Momentum 500 " report.  A report that showcases the top 500 companies in the world and the momentum or lack of momentum they truly have.

Take a look at who's tied for first in the world :

Look Who's tied for 1st in the world
Look Who's tied for 1st in the world

That's number one in .....THE WORLD.  I thank God for giving me the ability to not get caught up in emotion, but make smart business decisions for my family and for the families of all those who trust in me.

Success is yours...so lets go get it together!

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