Do Essential Oils Really Work?

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If you would have ask me that question several years ago, my answer was…

Essential oils don’t work…for health problems that is.

I have been known to say that! But why would I say that after almost 8 years of preaching the value of genuine authentic essential oils?

Simple…the oils I used at the time I said that didn’t give me the results I was looking for…plain and simple! I tried several essential oils from the health food stores for various health issues with little or NO results. So as far as I was concerned, they didn’t work!

Some of them had a nice aroma I thought, but then my nose was only accustomed to perfume smells anyway. I didn’t know what organic essential oils smelled like.

I was in the ways of natural health for many many years and was using things like herbs, and nutritional supplements from a few companies I investigated and thought to be good. 

But then almost 9 years ago, my left ear stopped up literally overnight. I could not hear out of it for over a year. Needless to say since natural healing was a major part of my life, I tried everything I knew to fix it with no success. I had went to my chiropractor at the time a couple times a week and he had me taking a literal trainload of supplements and IT WAS NOT HELPING! I did all sorts of natural therapies on myself, everything I knew how to do and NO results! I was not only frustrated, I was going phobic. 

I generally do not visit the doctor unless of course I am sick and can’t help myself, and so this was one of those times when I decided that I’ve done everything I know how to do, I need to find out what the doctor says is going on. Now you might think, why in the world did you wait so long? Well for one thing, it was not painful, just aggravating! And I kept hoping that I would find something that would work. Since that didn’t happen, I bit the bullet.

However, not surprising to me, after making two visits to my regular doctor, two visits to the ear specialist and one visit to the emergency room, I was no better off. In fact, it was way worse. I got a different diagnosis each time and a different medicine each time. I did not want to take the medicine but I did out of desperation. Well that did nothing for my ear and now I had side effects too! So I stopped the medicine and figured that I was doomed to live with this problem.

Then one day while telling a friend my problem, she piped up and said, “have you tried peppermint oil?” To that my immediate reply was…”that stuff doesn’t work.” Of course she ask me where I had purchased it and offered to send me some natural essential oils. In a few days, here came a sample of peppermint essential oil and a note telling me how to use it. To tell you the truth, the only reason I used it was to prove to her it would not do a thing!

I used the oil for two days, nothing changed, and so I was convinced again essential oils don’t work. I was going to let her know that after the second day but decided I will give it a couple more days just in case she said I didn’t use it long enough. Well to my utter surprise,on the third day my ear totally UNSTOPPED! 

I was in shock actually since I had been putting up with this for a year. Plus, I was waiting for my ear to stop back up any minute. But it never did! I was absolutely floored!

When I called her to tell her what happened, the first thing I asked was, “what kind of oil was that?” When she said Young Living Essential Oils, I had to know why they worked when the others did not. What was so different about these essential oils?

I had to know more. I am the investigating type and have to prove things for myself. To my amazement, I learned that all oils are NOT created equal. About 95% of the essential oils on the market in this country are perfume grade and do not possess the healing properties needed to assist the body in it’s own healing. The farming and distilling methods need to be organic and specific. Genuine authentic essential oils are not diluted, distilled with solvents or grown using pesticides, like perfume grade oils. 

I personally use Young Living Essential Oils not only because they uphold stringent quality, but I get the consistent results I want and need.

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To your good health,

Carol Wickett


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