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More and more doctors are using Young Living Essential Oils.


Not only because the research shows the effectiveness and impact that essential oils can have on  a person's health, but in some cases it's because of a personal experience with the oils.

For example, here is one doctor's amazing story as told at the Young Living Annual Convention, Saturday, September 8th, 2007.

"If it weren't for Young Living, I wouldn't be able to be here.</strong> I first came last year at convention. Young Living has given me back my life, I will forever be grateful. I enrolled in 2002, was bedridden, didn't want to share.  When I came to convention in 2006 I met wonderful distributors, and met Gary and Mary Young. You got to know him, he's the real deal. He knows he stuff and shares it willingly. He practices what he preaches. His energy is off the charts. He's a risk taker. Other than that, he doesn't impress me at all. I believe the oils are a gift from God, not only for me, but for the world. We have gotten so far off track that we need something that powerful. I love the healing power of the oils, they resonate with me. I was asked to share my story, and my perspective as a physician. I became paralyzed. And from that day on I have been in pain. How Young Living Oils gave me back my life and my joy. You've heard about my degrees. A rectal thermometer has many degrees. We are all special. From childhood I knew I was here to serve. One in three people in the United States have some kind of chronic disease. We couldn't help them. Not toxic drugs or risky treatments. (I've been a doctor for 40 years) they said if you eat the food you don't need supplements. I studied Chi Kung. I explained to people why I wasn't going to prescribe drugs to my patients. Then I didn't know about essential oils. Now I know they can improve well being, and they are safer than drugs and less expensive too. We are now 42nd in life expectancy in the world.
Pubmed - 5,679 articles on essential oils. There is a lot of essential oils out there. We need more research. We haven't learned it all. That's one of my goals. I think it's time for doctors to know about essential oils and start using them. They can save lives. The drugs are killing people. There are things we can't treat, like drug resistant infections, the growth of super bugs. I tried to talk to doctors. The standard of care is there. They don't want to stray from that. We need that research.I know they can treat flesh eating  bacteria with oils, and resistant strains of bacteria with essential oils, and it has worked. Only 30% of the treatments we give in conventional medicine are researched. Some doctors are becoming interested. In the University of Miami Medical School, we want to research essential oils for long term care. I lived in China and studied in 1993 acupuncture and Chi Kung. On November 8th, 1999 my life changed. I was boarding a plane. I bent over to pick up my bag and I lost my legs. I was paralyzed. I was in a hard body brace. One of my vertebrae cut my spinal cord. All the specialists said I have to have surgery. I had the surgery which took 9.5 hours and had a hospital acquired infection from donating bone marrow. What followed was all consuming pain, neuropathic pain and muscular pain. I was told it was going to get worse. I had brain fog. They gave me morphine. I developed inflammatory bowel disease and arthritis. I worked so hard at rehab, after 1.5 years I could walk almost 1/4 of a block and I could sit in a chair for 10 minutes. And it was getting worse. Doctors said it would be a relentless progression. I knew the doctors wouldn't be able to help me anymore. I decided to take charge of my life. I needed to get off those drugs. I learned about the oils. My next door neighbor was a distributor. I shared with her that I was bleeding from my uterus. She suggested I put off my surgery for a month and try the oils. I was skeptical, but had nothing to lose. She loaned me her desk reference and gave me her oils. I diffused geranium and took EndoFlex internally. Within hours, the black clouds of depression lifted. I could feel it go away. In Chinese medicine, we use geranium to stop bleeding. After a few days, the bleeding stopped. I have all my parts. I needed to know how they worked, and the research. I've been studying for the last 5 years. I used oils for pain, emotions, for everything. I got off all the narcotics and all the antidepressants  and I got out here again and volunteered at an elder center. They responded to the love and the oils.  They got off their meds. I used mostly lavender, lemon, peppermint, and tea tree oil (melaleuca). A man used Abundance oil and won at scrabble. I started teaching again, one hour a week. But I was still in terrible pain. Then I had an aha moment. I just let go. I realized my emotions were adding to my pain. I realized I had to accept my pain. When I stopped resisting, the pain changed so I could tolerate it. Negative emotions only make the pain worse, so why bother?

 Then I tried Ningxia Red just before convention last year. Berry Young Juice didn't work because I didn't really use it.But when I took an ounce for a few days, I felt well being. When I took 2 ounces, I was sure. When I took 3-4 ounces the pain went away and I felt terrific and wonderfully alive, energetic and at peace. I was like an energizer bunny. I started sharing. There is nothing I would rather do then teach and share and help people. I got lots of free publicity, front pages, and TV shows. I am very impressed with Ningxia Red and how it helps neurological problems. Someone with MS was falling down to the left out of her walker, unable to express herself. I told her to take Ningxia Red and Longevity capsules. Within 2 weeks, I got a call from her aunt. She told me that Christy was walking down the block. She got on the phone and was walking excited. She was taking 2 ounces four times a day. That's where she got maximum benefit. She did this for a year. Now she is doing 2 ounces twice a day. Another gal with neurological impairment, had MS for 30 years. The second day after using Ningxia Red she said she thought she was feeling better. In 2 months her mild diabetes was controlled on Ningxia Red. Her husband had cancer and he went on it and felt better. Her MRI showed she had no lesions on her brain from MS. Her doctor said it was rare that her MS was reversing. The doctor said she could get off her MS drugs. She was also starting to grow black hair again instead of gray. Her skin is better too. The priest had diabetes with neuropathy. He's on Ningxia Red and fat soluble B1. On the first day he said his sugar was controlled. His energy went sky high. His pain in his legs and feet went away. And he could feel the bottom of his feet. We don't have any medications to reverse diabetes or peripheral neuropathy. So many people need these oils. They are safe and they are helping. I tell them these are not approved as drugs by the FDA, so don't stop taking your drugs cold turkey. Protect your right to be able to share these. We use twice as many prescription drugs as any other country in the world.

Update on my back:
I don't like to dwell on my pain. And I don't go to doctors. But there was still pain. I went to the doctors for a follow-up MRI. The doctor wondered how I could be doing as good as I was doing with my condition and pain. I said Ningxia Red, oils and prayer. I started getting a Raindrop every week, and the pain in the leg went away with the Raindrop. Medicine is based on facts and knowledge. Healing comes from wisdom and love. We are made by a loving creator to love and be loved. If we take care of our bodies and tune into the healer within, the body will heal itself. Fear and anger, poisons and nutrition mask our ability to hear this healer within, and I think I came from that source.Take care of yourself because you know how much you are loved. Meaning in life is important too. The oils gave new meaning and purpose to my life. So I can serve. That's what I am here for"-Dr. E. Joan Barice

Dr. E Joan Barice is board certified in internal, preventive, and addiction medicine with an MD Stanford University and a MPH from Harvard University. She has studied and used therapeutic grade essential oils for more than 8 years. Her tireless efforts and advocacy has led to many changes that favorably affect the undeserved, especially the indigent , the addicted, those with HIV and AIDS, and low income elderly women and children.

Doctors ARE using Young Living Essential Oils and now you know some reasons why!

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