It's Thyme To Stop Snoring

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It's Thyme To Stop Snoring

It is estimated that at least 30-50% of the U.S. population snores at one time or another. That is a lot of people! And most of them have no idea why they snore.

Snoring occurs during sleep when all our muscles are relaxed, including our throat muscles. Therefore, the air passages in the throat become smaller. There are several factors that can cause these passages to become even smaller, including excess weight, smoking, alcohol and some medications. And certainly the mouth's anatomy is a factor. If you have a low, thick, soft palate or if the uvula is elongated this can contribute to snoring.

I didn't realize how many anti-snoring devices are available out there. Such things as anti- snoring pillows, mouth devices designed by your dentist to push your lower jaw outward, and Breathe-Right strips. Then there are anti-snoring rings (you wear the ring on your left pinky and you are suppose to sleep like a baby.) I don't know about that one!

There are also exercises like chewing on a pencil to strengthen  the throat muscles. Oh my, I think other areas need exercise worse than my throat! And how about a jaw workout? Watch out if you have TMJ.

I have been accused of snoring, but I always said that since I never heard myself snore, they must be telling stories on me. Haha! This is not to say that women don't snore, because some do.

But, my husband Steve on the other hand has had a snoring problem for years. It was so bad that years ago I had a terrible time getting to sleep because of the noise. And lots of times I was woke up by his snoring. I wonder how many couples have divorced over snoring issues. For Steve though, snoring developed into sleep apnea. This is a more serious problem where you even stop breathing in your sleep possibly hundreds or thousands of times per night. Because of this, he has slept with a c-pap machine now for about 18 years. It is so peaceful sleeping when he uses that machine.

However, the other night we lost our electric during a bad storm. Needless to say it was out the entire night and part of the next day. Uhggg!! Not only do I have a hard time sleeping when this happens, Steve does not sleep well either. It causes you to be very tired and sluggish the next day, not to mention the danger it poses to your health. I will say though that his snoring and apnea are not near as bad as it use to be years ago without the c-pap machine.. That is probably because he supplements his body with a lot of Young Living nutrients like NingXia Red.

I kind of forgot about his snoring until he went to sleep. But it soon became apparent. I didn't want to be up all night dealing with the noise and worrying about his breathing, so I decided to use the Young Living Oils mentioned in The Essential Oils Desk Reference for snoring. That being thyme essential oil. I have used this oil before with good results, so I was confident it would help.

The desk reference says to rub 4-6 drops thyme oil diluted 50-50 on the soles of both feet at bedtime. Well, I put 2 drops neat (undiluted) on each foot. Being a certified reflexologist, I use essential oils neat on the bottoms of my clients feet after the sessions with no problem. This actually helps speed the healing process.

After applying the oils, it wasn't but about 20 minutes and the snoring STOPPED! We got some restful sleep for several hours. He started to snore again, but it was not that bad. I would have applied more thyme oil, but it was almost time to get up. I think that if the electric goes out again at night, I will apply 3-4 drops on the bottoms of each foot and he should be good for the whole night.

According to The Essential Oils Desk Reference, thyme oil is anti-aging, highly antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antiviral, and anti-parasitic. It is used  for infectious diseases, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimers disease and hepatitis.

Since I touched on apnea, The Essential Oils Desk Reference recommends the blends of Clarity, Surrender and Valor. Also the supplements of MultiGreens, Super B and Thyromin.

I think I will have Steve experiment with the Valor oil, applying it on the brain stem and bottoms of the feet a couple times a day for apnea.

As far as my family claiming I snore, I went ahead one night and applied thyme oil on the bottoms of my feet and they didn't complain. But, I really never heard a lot of complaining anyway, so makes me wonder!

So, if snoring is an issue for someone in your family, it's thyme to stop snoring with thyme essential oil.

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To your good health,

Carol Wickett


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