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Even though the description here states Send Out Cards has 12,000 cards now, they actually have more than 17,000 cards PLUS you can create and customize your own cards with the new Picture Plus 2.  It is so much FUN!

PLUS... We do have more than geeting cards.  We offer hundreds of fanastic gifts that can purchased and sent along with your greeting cards.  It is a wonderful way to send a gift, including gourmet foods like the best brownies on earth, nuts, coffee, nuts, candy and much more, PLUS motivational books and audio recordigns, gift baskets, birthday gift and SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more.

You can even send a free card so you can see how it all works and the founder of the company will walk you through the process.

As you know, Send Out Cards is a fantastic company with great integrity.  If you want to send a free card, just ask!

Many blessings.


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