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  • SendOutCards offers a very comprehensive training system and ongoing personal development.  The company is constantly improving and enhancing the training so that distributors (you their most valuable asset) have all the tools to get you started & keep you motivated to succeed.
  • Everyone on the SendOutCards network really functions as a team.  I call them more like a "family" Senior Executives offer a wealth of advice to all members regardless of whether they are your direct upline or not.  There is no feeling of upline "exclusivity".
  • SendOutCard is so easy to duplicate.  It's build right in to the system for you.  No complicated presentations to memorize.
  • Simply sharing & sending cards is all you will ever need to do to be successful in SendOutCards. 
  • As a qualified distributor of SendOutCards you have 8 ways to earn income. 
    1. Generating direct retail in person sales.  This is where you would charge your customer to use the system to send cards.  Example: I use this for events or fairs where I invite people to send a personalized photo card of themselves.  The amount you earn is set by you. (i.e. $3 per card) OR they purchase cards & gifts individually from your SOCretail website.
    2. Company paid bonuses paid weekly for customers who upgrade their accounts to the new 2.0 picture plus.
    3. Retail product commissions paid monthly for customers you sign up under a retail account.
    4. Coaching bonus for signing up wholesale & entrepreneur accounts paid weekly.  This is your bonus for new distributors.
    5. Bonuses & Commissions from your downline recruits paid weekly.
    6. Retail package commission paid weekly.  This is where you get a bonus for selling a block of 10 retail packages.  Example: A distributor purchases the retail packages in bulk lots of 10 then when all 10 are sold within the same 30 day period you receive a bonus.
    7. Ongoing residual income from the sales activity of everyone in your network paid monthly.
    8. Leadership bonuses paid monthy.  Just imagine give yourself a raise any time you like.  When you advance in SendOutCards that's exactly what you do.  The more you move up, the more money you make on your team's efforts. 

The best way to understand how SendOutCards system really works is to view the demonstration & send a few cards for yourself to "test drive" it.

check it out here:

As always I am just an email away to answer any questions or provide further information.

Wishing you the many blessings that come from a giving heart!

Nancy James    

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Great article, Nancy and

Great article, Nancy and excellent overview of what SendOutCards is all about :)

Ilka Flood — Tue, 07/13/2010 - 10:58pm

Thank you Ilka!

Thank you Ilka!

Nancy James — Wed, 07/14/2010 - 2:02am

Greetings from SOC in El Cerrito, CA

I am a distributor across the bay from San Francisco, CA. Nice to see that a sight like this exists and the SOC plays such a big part in it. I am glad you left your email addres as I will be writing to you there to leave my personal info with you. Have a great week. Don't forget to get on Jordan's call tonight whereever you are at. Always, ~Mo~ as my friends know me too.

Maureen Zuerner — Mon, 08/16/2010 - 2:18pm

Thank you

Thanks for sharing. Just the info I was looking for.

David Cohen — Tue, 11/23/2010 - 12:13am

Thank You

Thanks for sharing. Just the info I was looking for.

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Wayne Owen Owen — Mon, 03/19/2012 - 10:12am

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