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Hey there, you have to check out this FREE 3 part phone call training system my SOC buddies put together!

My friends Brian Cook and Clint Brown, are up to something again. They have put up FREE training on how to prospect using the phone.  
Here is the link: http://www.blowupyourphone.com 

Their 3 part phone call system that works like a charm. Brian Cook used this system to bring in over 70 people into his business in just the last year!

  • I’ve been through the training and it’s awesome AND 
  • For FREE they give you a PDF that you can download 
  • You can download the video? Seriously....who else offers that and like I said it's FREE!

So, while it's still available, go check this out: http://www.blowupyourphone.com. I know it will help you out, make it easier for you to talk with those scary phone prospects! 



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Ummm...*free?* It ain't

Ummm...*free?* It ain't exactly free unless you're talking about that introductory video. After that, it's $44....

denise legacy — Tue, 05/10/2011 - 8:19am

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