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Company: Forever Living Products International, Inc.

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Forever Living Review

Forever Living Review:

Founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan in Phoenix,  Arizona and operating in over 150 countries, Forever and its affiliates have become the largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of Aloe Vera and Bee products around the world.

Proud of the fact that they have never used herbicides and pesticides, their patented stabilisation process ensures that their Aloe Vera has been declared essentially “identical” to the inner leaf gel which is renowned for its health giving properties.  Forever Living owns the whole process from growing, harvesting, packaging and shipping, so they can assure the quality of their products.

An added assurance is the quality seal of approval along with the 60 day no quibble money back guarantee.  Doesn’t take much to realise that the company would not have lasted very long with a guarantee like that if the products didn’t work.

Aloe Vera has been well documented throughout the centuries, from very early transcripts on the walls of Egyptian  temples  dating back as far as 4000 BC to the current library of information we have available today but it’s key benefits appear to be for the skin and for the immune and digestive system.

Forever Living Review:  Health and Wellness Market Sector

Forever Living Products is in the health and wellness industry which is currently booming despite worldwide recession as more and more people are deciding that natural healthcare and natural products are best.  Forever Living has had uninterrupted growth since it’s inception in 1978 – quite a rare feat in a Network Marketing company.

FLP  pride themselves as having the right (unique) product with a strong management team that supports their distributors to grow within their company.  Indeed it is the same management team that started the company that is still there today – again, this is very rare in a US company.

Forever Living Review:  The Compensation Plan

Based on a unilevel structure, Forever Living would appear to have a very fair way of paying their distributors with a healthy 30% profit on retail and various commissions ranging from 5-18% on the basic compensation plan up to 5 levels deep and infinitely wide.   There are additional bonuses, car plan and many other incentives run throughout the year to include profit share and all expenses paid trips to the Aloe fields and the team Rally.


Forever Living Review:  What They Won’t Tell You

So we’ve established that the products are of a very high quality, but how does FLP compare to the extremely high rate of failure that appears to be standard across the Network Marketing and MLM industry?

Well in my experience the products are so popular and effective that the retail sales will always come through for the distributor as the company trainings are of a very high quality too, but the distributor failure rate is comparable to other network marketing companies, so why is this and what can you do about it?


The Reason for This Forever Living Review.

Forever Living will show you how to retail the products and how to sponsor new people to the business through the products (which is great) but it is down to you to find a way of advertising and marketing your own business.

It is a fact that a VERY high percentage of people will earn next to nothing in their network marketing business for the following reasons:

1)    Not enough prospects to talk to

2)    No cashflow for advertising

3)    No marketing experience

Forever Living Review: How to Dramatically Increase Your Chances of Success

Most network marketing companies teach their new distributors to make a list of friends and family to contact to show them their business and Forever Living is no exception.  This can work for some people, but for most, will still not give you the volume of people required to generate a good income.

The problem with contacting friends and family is that is that a vast amount of people on that list are probably NOT looking for a home based business opportunity.

Fact: As of right this minute (I just checked!), there are currently over 2.5 Million searches every month on Google for people searching for a home business opportunity or a work from home opportunity. Two and a half million – every month! And this does NOT include those searching for Forever Living Review, or other network marketing companies by name, or other search engines, so the number is probably a lot more.

So how much better do you think it would be to get your business directly in front of THOSE people who are actually LOOKING for what you have to offer?

With simple marketing techniques, and personal branding it is possible to get YOU and your business in front of these people without having to go and hassle your friends and family.

How much better does that sound?

I am committed to helping to create professional and successful network marketers.

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