The Herbalife Compensation Plan – Something for Everybody – Part 2

Company: Herbalife International of America, Inc.

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I’ve covered how inexpensive it is to get started in Herbalife and how to add a few hundred to a few thousand to your household income through retailing as a distributor.

The rest of this discussion is for the serious builder.  A distributor who wishes to create residual income must move to the SUPERVISOR position.

The SUPERVISOR position is achieved by moving 4000 volume points (As a global company,  Herbalife uses a ‘Volume Point’ as a universal measurement, roughly one US retail dollar) in one month or 5000 volume points in two or more months.

You can build to the SUPERVISOR position.  Herbalife recently made a very generous and accommodating change to the marketing plan which will allow you to work from “hobby” to “business” over a 12 month period.

For the new distributor, reaching 500 Volume Points in a calendar month will move you to a 35% discount on your product (increasing your profit margin by 10%).  This is additional revenue that a business builder can roll into his business.

You can also participate in a Success Builder Program, making a 1000 VP purchase and rolling it over repeatedly to achieve the 4000 Volume Points in one month or 5000 in two or more months.  The added leverage of this method is that any distributor who places an order of 1000 Volume Points or more receives a 42% discount.  Roll that over with your initial investment and  you can achieve SUPERVISOR status quickly.

More effective is investing in your business by making the purchase of 4000 volume points (at a discount of 42%) which will make you a Qualifying Supervisor for the balance of that month and put you at a 50% discount on product for future purchases.

In addition to the 50% discount on  your product purchases you will be eligible to earn commissions from your downline distributors and royalties from your downline supervisors and their organizations up to three levels.

There is, without doubt, a direct correlation  between those who invest in their business and those who wait for it to happen "organically".  Those who invest respect that investment and treat their business as a business and work quickly toward success.

There is absolutely no limit to the number of first line Supervisors you may recruit, making the Royalty and Bonus income limitless.

A SUPERVISOR is paid up to five ways:

  1. Through your own personal  retail sales, netting 50%
  2. Through commissions on your first line distributors, netting as much as 25%
  3. Through Royalties of 1% to 5% on the first three levels of your organization
  4. Bonuses (for higher positions in the marketing plan) as deep as infinity
  5. Vacations and other promotions

It is often said that you cannot earn any money in MLM without recruiting.  With Herbalife it is only true that you can’t earn any RESIDUAL income without recruiting.  It is, however, possible to make hundreds and thousands each month by retailing product.

It is important to understand that the Herbalife marketing plan promotes and rewards leadership.  The model truly rewards your more as you help others reach their goals and dreams.

First, you master your own retail business then recruit others and teach them to master theirs.  The plan is designed to allow  you to earn a $2500-$5000 monthly income by “doing” the business.  To reach the higher levels of success you will need to be a leader and “teach” the business to others.

Fortunately, Herbalife provides substantial resource to assist in developing this leadership.

As your organization grows you progress through the levels of the marketing plan.   Each level  represents a milestone in your growth as a business owner and leader.  Your income is only limited by your imagination and hard work.

If Herbalife sounds like the vehicle for your success I’d be thrilled to have  you on my team.  Connect with me here on Better Networker.

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