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Company: MyVideoTalk

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I have found that compared to other platforms, My Video Talk offers the most innovative solutions, and customizations.

Deffinely worth it in my eyes, and I came from another competitor.

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i disagree

till last year i had seven business centers, but was never able to use the products as most of the time their servers were down or under maintenance... conferencing was never accessible... company had never delivered what they promised in terms of product, service or promotional incentives.... am not at all against you or motives but at the same time i cant recommend this company even to any unknown person

Arun Verma — Mon, 11/22/2010 - 1:24am

Sorry To Hear That

I haven't had any problems with My Video Talk! People love the video emails. They are so taken back by the time that it takes to make a video and they feel how personal it is versus plain boring text.

The webinar technology is revolutionary, because now I can see the presenter(s) and guests feel more of a connection, instead of the disconnect that just looking a powerpoint slides can have.

I love having my own private video channel where I don't have to worry about my viewers seeing competition from "related" videos or distractions Google ads and our newest addition the WebShow is fulfilling people's dreams!

Anyone whose ever wanted their own TV show can now have it with My Video Talk's "My Video WebShow"

~Aesha Christian

Aesha Christian — Tue, 12/21/2010 - 1:01pm

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