Is it True? Poker and MLM? And Montel? And no gambling?


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Is it possible to have the best of all worlds...making money legally with poker, doing it online, and doing it without ever betting a chip?

To write an objective review of the Poker Training Network I had to ask myself these questions...........

Is it true?..... Can Poker Training Network actually incorporate MLM, Poker, Montel and no gambling? And can money actually be made if PTN does combine all these ingredients effectively? Is it possible Poker Training Network can actually make it possible to have fun and make money? Can anyone enjoy the sport of poker and make money from poker without gambling? Is Poker Training Network actively engaged in assisting their associates to make money? How does Poker Training Network compare with other companies in the home based business industry? What kind and how many "First Evers" can this new company claim? .

Hopefully, This Poker Training Network review will meet the objective review criteria. and help you answer that question for yourself.  

On the front end of this review I must make each and everyone of you aware that I am one of two original founding associates for PTN. However, I will attempt to be objective for each of you, at least with enough thought to give you impetus to at least check what I say for yourself. I actually came out of retirement to work this company, read on to find out why.

Poker Training Network Review

After two years of drawing board planning, and millions of dollars spent over 3 years of designing the products (Poker Training Lessons using the cutting edge techniques of Technology Enhanced Learning) Poker Training Network (PTN) prelaunched in early September, 2009. Positioned as the first ever company to combine network marketing with the massive global market surrounding poker and poker training. This extensive research and development was entirely different than what we have been used to in the MLM industry and resulted in the most state of the art, dynamic, poker training website ever built. With the incredible Robert Broke at the helm of the IT team PTN has developed a website full of 3D graphics, 3D animation, and made it possible to engage in the fun and excitement of poker. it is all about poker.

Poker Training Network Market

One of the first areas of any opportunity to examine is the potential of growth, which is a function of the size of the market and whether there is any other company in the same market. The poker market is huge with 70 million players in the United States and over 300 million worldwide playing on a daily basis. The market is also estimated by the gaming industry to reach 1 Billion a day in the next 6-10 years.  The market niche is not only those that are playing now, but also those that will be learning to play over the next 6-10 years. If you do not play poker, you most likely know someone who does play and who is connected with a network of poker players, who know other poker players.

Poker Training Network Management

Combining the experience of over 150 years Poker Training Network has extremely experienced management team in network marketing, online marketing, website development, software development, educational training, social networking, video production operations, and professional poker playing. The experience shows through in many ways as will become evident.


Poker Training Network's products have met the test of field use and risen to the occasion with flying colors. Well known poker pros Dennis Phillips and Donnie D'auria say it best. Dennis says "If you want to learn to play poker at a high level PTN has a complete online training product for everyone. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, PTN can help you master the skill of Texas Hold 'Em poker. It's excellent!" Donnie says it as well, "If you are playing poker and you are not using the PTN lessons, you are leaving money on the table every single time!" Donnie proved this statement this year at the WSOP in the Bellagio satellite games...says Donnie, "I've been able to make an average of $2500 a day in the satellite games for the past eight years, this year I made an average of $5100 per day, and the only difference was the PTN lessons I have been taking the past 9 months." These are just two of the many testimonials that began to come into the company in January of this year, after being field tested for 5 months, and many more since.


Poker-TEL exceeds all that most poker sites have by using state of the art technology and ultra modern methods of teaching that engage all modalities of learning by an individual. It gives you access to world class training and education, a gameroom that is almost 3D (you can almost reach out and touch it!), testing and evaluation of your learning progress. With hundreds of Texas Hold 'Em lessons already available and a lot more coming and the future plans to bring on Omaha, Stud, and Draw poker you will be learning and for many years!

PTN Poker Edge

Imagine having a personal coach to learn and evaluate your poker playing, however at rock bottom pricing! Personal coaching in Poker is very pricey running from $1200 for a few lessons to $15,000 for a well know boot camp. PTN's Poker Edge is like your personal poker coach and is much less expensive and far more thorough. You have access to a set of software tools that will coach you to assess your skill levels and guide you to improving your game. Your play will be evaluated and you will be directed to lessons that will improve your specific areas of inconsistent play, and your retention will be measured and coached specifically. You can't get any better than that!

Poker Training Network Opportunity

The opportunity with PTN is unlimited. There really has not been anything new introduced in the MLM industry in 15 years or more. What has been happening is just more "me-toos" "been there, done thats" over and over....chopping up the same piece of pie and not expanding the market. Until now. Poker Training Network has changed that and is now the benchmark for the industry. The Poker Training Network compensation plan is one of the most lucrative I have ever seen in the network marketing industry. Combining a binary and a matching bonus uni-level type hybrid plan that pays commissions five different ways. It includes Retail Sales, Team Commissions on the binary, Matching Bonuses on the uni-level, Global Bonus Pools, Advertising and Revenue Sharing Pools, plus a Luxury Car Program. Poker Training Network has a total online system to build a large national organization in the USA, at the present time, and soon to be the whole world! Features of the system include state of the art marketing videos (and the company actively seeks more and more testimonial videos ....can we say "social proof"), the most complete and robust website I have ever seen in my entire career (even those I have been reviewing in my Internet Marketing efforts of the past 5 years), the most thorough and robust database managment system available to network marketers (developed produced by one of the most experienced software companies in the market) provided to the field associates at NO extra cost to them! Then we include the fact that Montel Williams is a partial owner of the company, having purchased 20% of the company just recently, and behind his phenomenal marketing talents PTN has already realized the benefit of his association. 

Is The Poker Training Network Opportunity For You?

In answer to this question let me examine another SET of social proofs for your perusal.

*First Network Marketing company to effectively tap into the Poker Market at it most fundemental level.

*First Network Marketing company to combine the power of Word of Mouth Advertising and the Global Poker Craze.

*First Network Marketing company to have ANY association with ANY event surrounding the Super Bowl in the 44 year History of the Super Bowl and at no advertising cost to PTN. PTN co-hosted the Saturday Night Spectacular Party with Jim Carey and Jenny McCarthy and PTN has already been asked to do it again next year at the Cowboy Stadium in Dallas. 

*First Network Marketing company to have a Facebook Application actually hosted on Facebook's platform.  This is HUGE! 40 million poker players play on FB each month, and PTN has the most exciting gameroom on the net, it is almost 3D, you can almost reach out and touch it!

*First Network Marketing company to co-host a Tony Romo charitable event (The Texas Shoot Out golf tournament in May).

*First Network Marketing company to co-host a John Daly Celebrity Poker charitable event.

And the company is not yet a year old! How many times have you ever seen such a list of accomplishments by any Networking company, not to mention one less than a year old.

PTN has its own online social networking site called wherein a member can access the gameroom and talk with other members about their favorite topic, poker!

Poker Training Network has an online recruiting system with almost unbelieveable videos to sell PTN services and the opportunity for you through the most robust autoresponder database managment system any company has incorporated into a backoffice.

There is no competition, no products to stock, ship or transport. Everything is online. You can actually be offering your opportunity or playing in your gameroom in a matter of 7 minutes (if you are slow!).

Bottom line....In 30 years of working in the Network Marketing industry I have been in 5 companies...#1 associate in 3 companies (#1 in the world in two of those) and top 5 in the other two and I have never seen a better opportunity, nor one where the company supports its associates better, or has provided tools, compensation or any other aspect of this business as well as PTN provides for their associates. You get to build a business in the sports and entertainment fields and it doesn't get any better than that. Check out my blog post or Youtube video on "Wants vs Needs" to really get a handle on the opportunity PTN offers you.  All of these are reasons why I became a part of this company. Hopefully you put on your thinking cap, review the material again and click on any of the blue content links to get even more info. And I get to meet you in the Gameroom!....have increased my chipstack by nearly 6000 chips in less than a combined total amount of time of an hour in the past three days (and never played a game of Poker in my life prior to February of this year)! Love this company and the fun, glitz and glamor that is the Poker world!

Ron Forrester has helped thousands of people become top earners in various network marketing opportunities. To get a better overview of Ron's philosophies and methods check out CoachRonForrester or on Youtube.

If you would like to find out how you can work directly with Coach Ron Forrester click here now.    

Ron Forrester


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