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Send Out Cards is online application that allows people to send greeting cards and postcards along with gifts with the simple push of a button. You can use the system to stay in touch with loved ones, friends and business associates or to follow up with new acquaintenances, business prospects or potential clients and patients.


Send Out Cards was founded by Kody Bateman after his brother passed away in a tragic work accident. Kody was determined to find a way for people to reach out to others in kindness and make a difference in people's lives. Sending cards and gifts was the answer and Send Out Cards was the mechanism.


Instead of creating a traditional company in which marketing dollars are spent on advertising to gain customers, Kody decided it would be better to pay people to refer it to their friends, family members and business associates. So Send Out Cards became a network marketing company and today it has several hundreds of thousands of customers and distributors.

Now, any average person can start their own greeting card and gifting business using Send Out Cards. With a modest start up fee, Send Out Cards provides everything you need to create your own lucrative, home based, business. This is a perfect business for stay-at-home Moms or even business professionals who want a side income.


My name is David Frey and I've been a distributor for Send Out Cards since 2005. Today I make a significant income from my Send Out Cards business that allows me the freedom to live and travel all over the world with my family. I've served on the "Eagles Nest" since it's inception, which is an advisory board consisting of the top distributors in the company. I've been one of the top five distributors since 2006 and have a close relationship with Kody Bateman and the other company executives as well as other top distributors.


Here's what separates Send Out Cards apart from other network marketing companies...

1. It has a unique product that has virtually no competition. Send Out Cards is the one and only network marketing company that sells greeting cards and gifts.

2. The product is priced at 1/5 the cost that you will find in retail stores. So it adds real value in the marketplace.

3. Business professionals and small business owners desperately need and want this system to follow up with and stay in touch with their customers, clients and patients. This means that not only can you offer it to people looking for a business opportunity, but to small businesses as well.

4. It has one of the best "residual" income comp plans available. (Most of the money is found in the residual component of the comp plan.)

5. Send Out Cards is its own marketing vehicle. By that I mean, that you simply send greeting cards and gifts to people to let them know about the business, invite them to watch the business presentation and to follow up with people. The system itself is your marketing tool.

6. It makes people feel good. What's more important than brightening up someone's day with a few words of kindness, encouragement and appreciation?


Here are several reasons why I decided to build a Send Out Cards business.

Reason # 1 - I needed a good residual income vehicle to complement my other business.

Reason # 2 - I love the way sending greeting cards and gifts make others feel (and how it makes me feel as the sender)

Reason # 3 - I was already sending follow ups to my customers and prospects and Send Out Cards did a better job of it and it automated the whole process.

Reason # 4 - I liked that I could easily introduce Send Out Cards to business professionals, not just my family and friends.

Reason # 5 - I was impressed with Kody Bateman, the founder. He's genuine, not "all about the money" and he really cares about people.


I hope this honest review has helped you. If you would like to speak with me personally, feel free to email me at socDavidFrey @ I'm always available to talk with you on the phone as well.

All the best.

David Frey

P.S. If you want to know a little more about me, just google "David Frey."

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I like it

Hi David.

I watched your presentation with Mike Koenings inside the Main Street...but I have some doubts...Like:
Do you write the person's name and address in a single card?
Can you do your own printing?...with my Riso Machine I have speed and very low cost.

Many thanks.

Roger Aburto

Roger Aburto — Wed, 07/07/2010 - 5:41pm

Title tip

Including the word honest in your review could imply that sometimes you write reviews that are the opposite. I am sure this is never the case however it's what is known as a 'pink elephant'.

In an effort to convince people of your sincerity you include the word 'honest'. You may want to consider these two alternatives in future titles, 'sincere review' or 'frank review'.

If you started a conversation, 'to be honest with you' that implies sometimes your are dishonest - even in that is never the case. It's all about perception. Alternatively if you said 'to be frank with you', that means you are going to give feedback some of which may be contructuve criticism.

The reason a lot of people struggle in many walks of life is the inability of people to give frank feedback.

Hope you find this tip on titles in articles useful.

Andrew Peel — Thu, 07/08/2010 - 11:52am

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