Inside Look at the Traffic Wave's Co-op With Early Fall Numbers Reporting

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When you see numbers they paint a certain picture in your mind while splashy  ads dress up the idea what  of  the bright side of Coops. Not all of them are created equal.

Today I will share some very early numbers  from my Traffic Wave Co-op results for the month of October 2010 .


October 2010 Co-op

Shares: 1

Exposures:          5

Signups:               0

Status:  Active

Your affiiate site is currently in rotation.


Shares represent the number of share ( S) paid for at 39.95 per share .I bought one share for the Traffic Wave Oct.  2010 Co-opP .Traffic Wave sales 150 per month to their Co-op.

In November , I will show you  my Traffic Wave’s Co-op  results .

As always create multi  source of leads for your business. Never but never  use just one source of leads. Always Multi Leads for long term business growth .   




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