SendOutCards Executives

Kody Bateman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Kody started SendOutCards after experiencing a personal family tragedy. After visiting with family, on his way back to New York City, Kody felt a prompted to give his brother a hug and say goodbye. Assuming he would see his brother again, he did not follow his instinct. Unfortunately, his brother was killed in a car accident three months later. Koday started SendOutCards as a way to make it easy for people to respond when they are prompted from the inside to express love and appreciation to those around them.

Joe Kenemore, Chief Operating Officer

Paul Gerardis, Operations Manager in Australia

Glen Bogue, VP Internal Operations

Walter McFashion, Distributor Services Manager

Melody Marler Forshee, Maketing Communication Director

Mike Whitmire, Chief Technology Officer

JB Henrikson, Chief Financial Officer

Casey Foote, Controller

Sam Robinson, Chief Merchandise Officer

David Olsen, Production Manager