InLife International Executives

Craig Youngblood, Founder and CEO
Craig and Steve Youngblood founded Youngblood Skin Care Products, Inc. and marketed its ‘Sheer Cover” in partnership with Guthy-Renker He also co-founded a web based finance and marketing company, Pfinco, with help from HSBC.  He is an active contributor on the Board of Directors of the National Service Industry Association. He is the Chairman of the Board of Logical Maintenance Solutions, Inc., a nationwide provider of Information Technology to North America.

Steve Youngblood, Co-founder
Steve Youngblood is responsible for sales and marketing at InLife. His 30-year  background in sales and marketing and recognition as a leader in network marketing have contributed to InLife’s rapid growth. His prior experience includes serving as President at  Peripheral Integration Technologies (PI Tech), as well Vice President and Director at companies such as Logical Maintenance Solutions, Inc. Digital Equipment Corporation, and Genicom Corporation.      

Gino Ferrare, Co-Founder
Ferrare contributes over 29 years of experience in international sales and marketing, having worked as Chairman of Ferco Products, Inc. which he founded in 1999; as General Manager and Vice President of Anthony Medical Products, Inc.; and  at Marco Products, Co.   

David A. Baker, Co-Founder
Baker’s prior experience includes working as a songwriter for Sony Music Publishing; as operator of L&D Trip Trade (a computer based airline flight attendant service); and as  owner of DAB Entertainment, a talent and booking agency.