Scent-Sations, Inc. Executives

Robert Scocozzo, CEO
Robert Scocozzo and his friend Charles Umphred worked together in network marketing starting in 1988.  In 2002, while selling scented candles as a fundraiser for his son’s basketball team, Mr. Scocozzo discovered the products of local candle-makers Carmen and Lynn Milazzo. Mr. Scocozzo and Mr. Umphred teamed up with the Milazzos to form Scent-Sations.

Charles Umphred
Mr. Umphred has been Mr. Scocozzo’s partner in network marketing since 1988. They began working together full time in 1989, and formed Scent-Sations in 2002.

Carmen Milazzo and Lynn Milazzo
The Milazzos are the original creators of the company’s scented candles. They began making candles in their kitchen over ten years ago and continue to develop new products.